Changing the Way America Mows the Lawn, in our Nation’s Capital

Kelly thinks this house needs to go green!   To take a step in that direction, Clean Air Lawn Care is opening a franchise in the Washington, DC market this month, just in time to cleanup our air for spring. Clean Air Lawn Care will initially be servicing the Northern Virginia community, with plans to […]

Spring Cleanup: An Opportunity to Spring Ahead with Organic Lawn Care

Spring Cleanup: An Opportunity to Spring Ahead with Organic Lawn Care

The more initiative you take in Spring Cleanup, the less challenging yard maintenance will be for the remainder of the lawn service season. That way, instead of stressing about lawn care, you can sit back and enjoy warm weather and green grass.   Mother Nature Knows Best When it Comes to Yard Maintenance Your mother […]

Infographic: How Green is the Grass?

Infographic: How Green is the Grass?

Grass is very environmentally-friendly because it cleans the air, prevents erosion, recycles nutrients, and requires little energy input.

Clean Air Lawn Care DIY Natural Pesticides

An Economical DIY Approach to Natural Pesticides

Anyone who wants his lawn to look lush and beautiful needs to take the steps necessary to control the pests that are attempting to destroy it.

Organic Lawn Care Service Results

How to Select a Lawn Care Company that Offers an Organic Lawn Care Service

So you’re interested in maintaining your lawn organically but don’t know how to choose an organic lawn care company? Take a look at a few of these helpful tips.

Jack Nickerson - Owner, Clean Air Lawn Care Corvallis

Clean Air Lawn Care is Coming to Corvallis, Oregon

Jack Nickerson, educator and renewable energy advocate, is bringing Clean Air Lawn Care to Corvallis, Oregon in the spring of 2013. Jack’s team of Grass Masters will offer mowing, blowing, trimming, edging, blowing/cleanup all powered from renewable energy sources like solar powered electricity, as well as Clean Air Lawn Care’s specialized organic treatment services. Click here to read […]

Phil Haynes, Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte, NC

It’s Time To Water Your Lawn

Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte owner, Phil Haynes, was recently interviewed on FOX Charlotte about lawn care watering tips for the fall in the greater-Charlotte area, which is also experiencing mild drought conditions.

Clean Air Lawn Care Green Grass

Best Franchise Opportunity: Five Ways a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Benefits the Environment

If you’re attracted to the idea of buying into an existing lawn care franchise but don’t know where to start, begin by assessing some popular trends in today’s society.  With many businesses and customers leaning towards environmentally sound products and services, the industry of sustainability might be a good jumping off point.  In 2006, Kelly […]

Best Franchise Opportunity: A Clean Air Lawn Care franchise

Best Franchise Opportunity: Five reasons why a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise will grow

Clean Air Lawn Care has a proven strategy for success, with over 30 owners and 45 territories across the nation.  We are the Best Franchise Opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to make a real impact on environmental sustainability and their own personal financial stability. Clean Air Lawn Care  has been leading the lawn care industry nationwide for over 4 years, providing our lawn […]

Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Owner Michael Andre - Raleigh, NC

Franchise Business Opportunities in Organic Lawn Care

In the midst of economic uncertainty, people across the nation are picking each other’s brains for new, innovative ideas that can get them on the right track for their future. Starting up a small business is certainly one way to do that, but it comes with several risks. What industry do you choose? How does […]