Organic Lawn Care Resource Conservation

Organic Lawn Care Conserves Resources

Organic lawn care systems are all about the conservation of our earth’s resources.  From the wind credits we use to charge our equipment at night to the renewable power that we harness from the sun, Clean Air Lawn Care is focused on reducing our carbon footprint through the use of alternative energy. Water Conservation & […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Green Grass

Greening Up Your Yard

As spring arrives, it’s time to think about getting out in the yard.  Here are some easy ways to help the environment at large while you are beautifying your own little piece of nature. Mow tall The correct mowing height can reduce weeds and disease by 50‐80%!  The height of the cut is one of the most critical issues […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Careers, Employee

Sustainable and Organic Lawn Care Services

Standard Lawn Care Services Mowing – Accessible turf areas mowed per customer service agreement. Grass clippings are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center. Organic Soil Treatment – Organic fertilization and soil treatment program customized to your region and soil type. Weed control available. Trimming – Turf areas adjacent to curbs, […]

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Organic Lawn Treatment Program

Clean Air Lawn Care’s goal is to create and maintain beautiful lawns using earth-friendly and family-healthy methods. Our two lawn care treatment programs integrate the use of organic fertilizers, organic pre-emergent weed control, and micro-organism soil builders. Customize your organic lawn treatment program with a la carte services from our Localize option that allow us […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Organic Lawn Care Services Team

Why Use Clean Air Lawn Care for Your Organic Lawn Care?

Clean Air Lawn Care epitomizes a complete organic lawn care system. We have local franchises across the country that all practice high standard organic lawn care. What sets us apart from other organic lawn care companies is our commitment to innovation and our superior people. The environmental geeks who make up our team are always […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Organic Lawn Care Diagram

What is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic lawn care is a chemical free approach to lawn maintenance. Instead of using harsh fertilizers and pesticides, the focus is on allowing natural compounds to do the job they were intended to do – encourage healthy soil and plant life. Why is Organic Lawn Care better for my lawn? Organic Lawn Care Fosters Growth and Produces […]

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Organic Lawn Care is safe for Families

Organic Lawn Care is Safe

While the use of traditional lawn care chemicals have been commonplace for decades, the truth about negative effects are beginning to emerge and people are starting to welcome organic lawn care options.  People are finally waking up! Safety for humans, animals, insects and the planet The most important factor that should go into the decision […]

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Organic Lawn Care Savings

Organic Lawn Care Saves Money

The race to a healthy lawn isn’t a sprint to the finish, it’s a marathon.  By practicing organic lawn care your soil will build and heal its own natural ecosystem.  After weaning chemically dependent lawns off of pesticides and fertilizers your lawn will be able to sustain its health organically over a long period of […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Lawn Care Industry

Benefits of Grass

There are benefits to having a healthy and sustainable lawn that often go overlooked in the debate over the suitability of lawns in today’s world where water and resource scarcity is a constant concern. What are some of the issues with grass? Water consumption: in some communities, 50% of residential water supply goes towards the maintenance […]

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Organic Lawn Care Grass

Organic Lawn Care Promotes Healthy Soil

Always remember that the health of your soil determines the health of your plants.  It’s necessary that healthy soil be porous so water, air, and nutrients can move throughout it with ease.  By practicing organic lawn care, you are fostering the soil by allowing the organic matter to thrive within it.  Organic fertilizers are made […]

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