Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Owner Michael Andre - Raleigh, NC

Franchise Business Opportunities in Organic Lawn Care

In the midst of economic uncertainty, people across the nation are picking each other’s brains for new, innovative ideas that can get them on the right track for their future. Starting up a small business is certainly one way to do that, but it comes with several risks. What industry do you choose? How does […]

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Kelly Giard - CEO and Founder of Clean Air Lawn Care

Trends in Lawn Care – November Webinar

Kelly Giard, CEO & Founder of Clean Air Lawn Care, will host a webinar on November 15h at 11am MST, titled “Trends in Lawn Care“. This webinar will focus on the environmental and health benefits of low-emissions mowing and organic lawn care treatment programs. The webinar will also cover the tremendous business opportunities in this […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Climate Change

Clean Air Lawn Care’s fight against climate change

Believe it or not, climate change is a very real and dangerous phenomenon. The world’s ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, natural disasters are causing havoc, partially due to the warming of seawater, and temperatures in recent years have been sweltering. Although there are allegations that global warming is simply nature’s evolutionary path, […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Ladybug and Aphids

Pesticides exposed:

A common misconception believed by many lawn care owners is that the use of pesticides will completely eradicate unwanted insects and pests. After some pesticide treatments, they may realize that this isn’t the case. The reason is that pesticides literally wipe out undesirable and beneficial living organisms within ecological system on which they are applied, […]

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Clean Air Law Care Corpus Christi

Changing the Way South Texans Mow Their Lawns

Latest radio ad from Clean Air Lawn Care Corpus Christi. This ad is broadcasted on 106.5 The Shark and on several internet radio stations. Listen Here: For a Residential or Commercial Lawn Care Estimate in Corpus Christi Contact Wes:

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Clean Air Lawn Care an Electric Mower

Why an Electric Lawn Mower is the Smarter Choice for Lawn Care

Over the years, the lawn care industry has seen vast changes in the quality of equipment being produced by manufacturers, and one of the current trending questions is whether or not consumers should use electric lawn mowers versus gas powered mowers. While both have their benefits, if you address the question with health, safety, and environmental […]

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Clean Air Lawn Care Lawn Maintenance Tips

Preventative Lawn Care Maintenance Tips

Carrying out preventative health care for your lawn, just as you would for your body, will build it into a healthy lawn that can fend off attacks from most weeds and pests. The following are some important, yet simple preventative lawn care maintenance tips. Choose the Right Grass Type for Your Area Grass that is […]

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Electric Sustainable Lawn Mowing

Sustainable Lawn Mowing Tips

Mowing the lawn is like a fairly straight-forward task, but there are definitely some correct ways to cut grass to help it stay healthy and green throughout the year, and to help keep the environment clean. Cut Grass Tall The correct grass height for you lawn can reduce weeds and disease by 50‐80%! The correct mowing […]

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Fall Planting Advice

Planting Tips For Native and Adaptive Plants In The Fall

Fall is the perfect time to plant any of the native and adaptive plants. There are lots of great plants but there are questions you should consider before making any selections: What type of light does the area get where the plant will be planted – full sun, shade, part sun? What are the water […]

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Solar Powered Lawn Care

Solar Powered Lawn Care?

Clean Air Lawn Care is a Sustainable Lawn Care service because our lawn maintenance equipment is Solar Powered using our proprietary Solar Charging technology. Solar Power is Cleaner & Cheaper than Gas We started Clean Air Lawn Care to create beautiful lawns and keep neighborhoods clean and pollution free. We’ve accomplished those goals and have also […]

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