What is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic lawn care is a chemical free approach to lawn maintenance. Instead of using harsh fertilizers and pesticides, the focus is on allowing natural compounds to do the job they were intended to do – encourage healthy soil and plant life.

Why is Organic Lawn Care better for my lawn?

Organic Lawn Care Fosters Growth and Produces Healthier Lawns

Clean Air Lawn Care Organic Lawn Care DiagramOrganic fertilizers provide soil with the nutrients it naturally craves, organic lawn care fosters the growth of organic matter and microorganisms, thereby producing healthier plants over a longer period of time. While inorganic fertilizers offer some of the same benefits, the environmental and economical cost is not worth the end result. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers only help your lawn superficially. Behind the scenes, these products are polluting groundwater, breaking down healthy soil, and causing serious harm to humans, animals, and the ecosystem.

Clean Air Lawn Care’s organic treatment program, in combination with correct mowing and watering practices, will create and maintain a beautiful lawn while respecting your family’s health and the local and global environment.

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