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Clean Air Lawn Care is the nation's leading full-service sustainable lawn care company. We're cleaning up a dirty industry of gas-powered pollutants and harmful chemicals one community and one green franchise at a time.


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Clean Air Lawn Care is the industry's leader for sustainable and organic lawn care. Since 2006, Clean Air Lawn Care has created turnkey business opportunities for green entrepreneurs across the country. The demand for clean, organic lawn services is growing at a rapid pace; and we have the ideal business model for meeting client demands and exceeding owner expectations. Owning a green franchise is a great fit for people who want to be their own boss and make the world a cleaner, greener place. Learn more about how easy it is to open your own green business by following the link below. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help!

Pioneers in Sustainable and Organic Lawn Care

Pioneers in Sustainable and Organic Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners are pioneers in the ever-expanding organic lawn care industry. Many of our owners consider themselves “green entrepreneurs” who love owning their own business and being a part of the booming green industry. Each Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owner is actively doing their part to drastically reduce the emissions, pollution and toxic chemicals that are a direct result of conventional lawn maintenance. Learn more about our cutting-edge approach to sustainable lawn care here. Read about our organic lawn care services by following the link below.

Why a Green Franchise?

We love green entrepreneurs.  They make our business model sing.  And at Clean Air Lawn Care we love green.  Green is good.

There are three types of green that feed our entrepreneurial spirit:

Grass is green:  Our business model creates beautiful green lawns through our core services:

Solar powered mowing, trimming, and blowing

Organic fertilization programs

Organic weed control programs

Clean Air franchise owners have innovated an exclusive portfolio of organic products and strategies over the last 10 years to create a turnkey solution to making lawns green and weed free through organics.  Our customers dump their gas and chemical services and welcome our world of kelp and molasses, mycorrhizae and microbiology, and solar and quiet. Read More

Our organic weed control program is the best a customer can find.  It has long been thought that a lawn will have weeds with organic practices.  That is no longer true.  Our products will selectively kill most weeds at a 60-90% effective rate.  In one year, weeds will reduce dramatically and in 2-3 years our lawns will be close to weed free.  Dogs and kids can roam freely during this process. A Clean Air Lawn Care lawn is a rich natural green color that is attractive and safe for kids and pets.  Let’s go prevent a bunch of sick kids and pets and start a Clean Air Lawn Care together!

Sustainability is green: Most current Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners will tell you starting a business that delivers an authentic environmental value isn’t just desired but required in fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams.  We pollute.  We have a carbon footprint.  We also “Go Green” every day in our business model.

Our solar system is a mobile commercial electric generator.  It charges our mowers, trimmers, blowers and even the occasional blender cocktail.  When Clean Air started in 2006, the EPA estimated 10-12% of the nation’s air pollution came from small engines where most of those engines were associated to lawn care.  That number is now 5% and we believe we can lead the path to 0%.

Starting a business with sustainability top of mind also led us to discover that lawns can become a significant tool in carbon sequestration via boosted photosynthesis.  Our climate change scientist estimates an organic lawn can sequester 4X the carbon of a chemically treated lawn and in turn reduce the carbon footprint of a typical American household by 25% a year.  Now that’s the kind of green business venture we should start together!

Money is green:  This kind of green is very good.  Our Clean Air Lawn Care franchisees like to be financially successful.  Cash flow and profits are king in our business model.  Lawn care provides a consistent, reoccurring revenue stream.  Many of our customers pay 12 months a year and pay a premium for the healthy, quiet, environmentally-friendly, and professional aspects of our service.  Once our customer has experienced these aspects, they stay.  Our annual renewal rates are 80-90%.  Do you remember going back to the smoking restaurant after you got accustomed to the non-smoking option?  No Bueno.

Start-up costs are critical for an entrepreneur to understand prior to launching a business.  A successful Clean Air Lawn Care launch usually requires around 50K.  Our goal is to keep that investment manageable, but we also want to make sure we do it right and don’t cut any corners.  Our successful franchise launches typically have positive cash flow toward the middle or end of the first full season.

Our Clean Air Lawn Care business owners focus on leveraging our national brand at their local level to attract ideal residential and commercial customers.  The number one reason people use our service is their dog’s health.  Our customers love their dogs!  If you want to start a pet friendly small business, you’re exploring an ideal business model with Clean Air Lawn Care.

Our employees are the most important piece of our business model.  We attract great employees.  If you were going to work in lawn care, would you rather work with us or walk around with a backpack full of gas or chemicals?  Our owners take great pride in trying to pay each tech a living wage.  The organic treatment services we offer create high profit margins and allow us to pay our people well.  Our techs have a legitimate career track working for one of our local franchise owners.  We also offer the 18er program where techs can help their franchise achieve growth goals and, in return, we waive the tech’s franchise fee for starting their own location and path to entrepreneurship.

Our customer acquisition cost is very low also because of the trend toward organic lawn care.  Like the 20-year growth that has occurred in organic food shopping, we believe lawn care will experience something similar.  We estimate the United States organic lawn care niche will grow at 12-15% per year over the next 20 years.  That’s a trend a small business owner can love when your head hits your pillow at night.

Each of our Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners gets a local website that we design, optimize, and maintain each year.  We believe local ownership is critical to a service business like lawn care.  That’s why we franchised in 2008.  We empower our owners to build a local brand and become leaders in sustainable business in their respective communities.

Our current franchise owner group could be called the Green Entrepreneurs.  What does a bartender, software salesperson, petroleum engineer, lawn care tech, sports broadcaster, air marshal, lacrosse coach, professor, and accountant have in common?  They’re all Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners!  They didn’t wake up one day and say “I wanna to get me some lawn care.”  They knew they wanted to start a green business and our model resonated with them and their personal goals.  Plus, we get to drive around in cool trucks.

Let’s explore a new franchise location together!  Fill out our form and let’s change your blue or white collar to green and pursue your future as a successful green entrepreneur with Clean Air Lawn Care.

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