Clean Air Lawn Care Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Change the way America cares for lawns by empowering our local owners and managers to deliver an exceptional lawn care service that improves the quality of life in their communities.

Core Values


For Clean Air Lawn Care to achieve its mission, we must support our local owners and managers in their pursuit of success. To be successful, we must be sustainable in every meaning of the word:

  • Economically sustainable – through profitability and ability to remain competitive.
  • Environmentally sustainable – through providing a service, using products, and conducting business in a way that ensures the availability and quality of resources for current and future generations.
  • Socially sustainable– through:
    • Creating a work environment that fosters innovation, fun, and sense of purpose.
    • Giving back to the communities we work in by education and outreach, volunteering, and economic development.

High Quality:

While pursuing sustainability, we remain committed to providing a premium service through high quality:

  • Workmanship
  • People
  • Customer service
  • Cutting edge techniques, equipment, & sustainability