Air Pollution & Gas Lawn Mowers

According to the EPA, in 1 hour, 1 gas mower emits the same amount of hydrocarbons (precursors to ground-level ozone) as an SUV driven 23,600 miles.

1 hour/1 gas mower = 23,600 miles
= driving from Fort Collins, CO to Denver, CO and back over 178 times
= driving roundtrip from Wilmington, NC to Charlotte, NC 60 times
= driving roundtrip from Santa Monica, CA to San Francisco, CA over 30 times

A full day of mowing (8 hrs) with a gas mower would emit the same amount of hydrocarbons as driving an SUV from:
Fort Collins to New York City and back over 52 times
Santa Monica, CA to New York City, NY and back 33.79 times
Wilmington, NC to San Francisco, CA and back 32.7 times

To see the environmental impact of your lawn, use the Clean Lawn Calculator at:

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