Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care owners offer homeowners an organic lawn care service that focuses on the overall health of their little slice of paradise. The synthetic, inorganic lawn treatments traditional lawn care companies use cause serious harm to pets, people, wildlife and soil. With an effective organic lawn care approach, you improve the health of the lawn and the local ecosystem.

Pet-friendly, kid-friendly, wildlife-friendly and earth-friendly lawn care starts with an organic approach to grass lawn health. Clean Air Lawn Care customers find that the biggest benefit of using our organic lawn care service (other than a beautiful lawn, of course) is the fact that their pets and children can go out to run and play on their lawn without worrying about the health effects of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  Organic lawn care is safe and effective. Pets and family can go out to enjoy the lawn immediately after treatment – no waiting or worrying involved!

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