Benefits of Working Outside

Benefits of Working Outside

 It is common knowledge that children benefit from playing outside. Their development is stunted without exposure to exploring the world outside. Play is a child’s work, but did you know that working outside is essential to the mental and physical health of adults too? Here are 9 benefits of working outside to feed your heart, soul and inner child.

Benefit of Working Outside #1: Meditation

Have you ever meditated by peacefully taking in a majestic view of lush forest, lakes and mountain tops?  Have you ever simply paused and sat on a park bench?  When we do this we gain focus and clarity and some say the universe speaks to us. When we throw out our hopes and dreams and prayers in this conversation, it can also be called manifesting.  You receive this same benefit while working outside in a garden. Meditation naturally takes place while working outside. By focusing the mind on natural breathing or by keeping the mind focused on one thought without drifting to others, the calmness, stress relief and other benefits of meditation can be realized.

Benefit of Working Outside #2: Boost Creativity

Working outside is a playground for an artist to freely express themselves.  Whether planning a garden, building it or painting it, the natural textures, forms and colors come straight from heaven to inspire creativity. In my studies learning about early childhood education and the developing brain, I learned how important exploration of the natural environment is to develop connections in the brain. Just imagine the brain contemplating what to do with water and dirt in an outside environment versus pushing a button on a toy to make it light up.  So many senses are involved while working outside.  This creates more complex neural pathways. Our adult brains are invigorated the same way. Furthermore, writers and painters will often head to the outdoors to free space in their minds for creative thought. You see, creativity in the brain needs space to form. In such a fast-paced world this benefit can is essential. You are fortunate if you work outside and receive this benefit as n of your workday.

Benefit of Working Outside #3: Improve Fitness

working outside with lawn mowerImagine being at the gym with a personal trainer.  She takes you through training that involves lifting a weighted ball and pushing a heavy cart. Yard work uses the same muscles!  Imagine mowing a lawn and cleaning up flower beds.  Except, working outside gives you the added bonus of instant pride and gratification from seeing progress. The lawn looks neatly trimmed and flower beds are tidy.  It takes a long time to see just changes in fitness from working out at the gym. Working outside will keep you fit. A body in motion will stay in motion.

Benefit of Working Outside #4: Improved Health

Working outdoors has health benefits.  Science says simply being outside gives you energy.  The sun provides vitamin D.  Using your vision over distances helps maintain nearsightedness.  Your immune system gets a boost.  Also, pain is alleviated.  Simply popping outside for a quick walk lowers stress.  Lowering stress frees up space in a foggy brain. Therefore, the mind and body can function at a more optimal higher level. Better health includes all the benefits of working outside that you’ll read in this article. Working outside will benefit spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health.

Benefit of Working Outside #5: Creating Community

kids playing on organic lawnAnother benefit of working outside is the community. For example, working outside on landscaping builds a place for family and friends to gather. Whether done as a hobby or occupation, there is a great purpose found in creating a community for yourself and others. The yard should look nice for company, a birthday party or a family dinner outside. Traditions and memories are created. So many are only plugged in via social media and they don’t venture away from home or office. A sense of community is essential to our well-being.

Benefit of Working Outside #6: Animals

dog on green organic lawnBeing in closer proximity to animals in nature is another benefit of working outside.  There’s a majestic peacefulness about observing animals in their simple existence.  It could be a butterfly, a newt, a bird, a squirrel, or a deer.  The family cat and dog get such joy from time outside.  Even they are a thrill to watch as they interact with nature.

Benefits of Working Outside #7: Growing Your Own Food

Those who work outside may get inspired if they don’t already grow their own food. Home gardens are becoming more and more popular as people become aware of the dangers of food that is not grown organically. This food is also more flavorful and filled with more nutrients. Chances are you’ll be eating more fruits and vegetables making your family and neighbors healthier. With some basic skills, food is a benefit that comes from working outside.

Benefits of Working Outside #8: Natural Aromatherapy

Natural therapeutic oils are all the rage. There are some amazing scientifically-proven benefits of aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts to promote healing and well-being.  You can get your own exposure to these by spending time in nature. Breathing in outside air will energize, calm, relieve stress, make you happy and thinking more clearly. “Go get some fresh air!” is a real thing.

Benefit of Working Outside #9: Awareness of the Environment

Working outside can in turn benefit the environment.  As you work outside you become more aware of the chemicals used on lawns, flower beds, and to kill bugs. You are more likely to make wiser choices that are safer for your space because it affects your family and pets.  Imagine whole neighborhoods working outside. This benefits the environment!  Homeowners across the country are asking for safe, organic and sustainable lawn care as they wake up to the hazards of the conventional approach. Small urban backyard greenhouses are popping up as homeowners learn to grow their own organic food. As this knowledge is achieved, better care for our earth results.

Grab yourself a job, part-time side gig or hobby that includes time working outside.  It adds so many benefits to work and life. Looking for a major change? Consider opening a business like a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise that requires working outside. These are essential to our whole wellness as humans.

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