Best Franchise Opportunity: Five Ways a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Benefits the Environment

Best Franchise Opportunity: Five Ways a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Benefits the Environment

If you’re attracted to the idea of buying into an existing lawn care franchise but don’t know where to start, begin by assessing some popular trends in today’s society.  With many businesses and customers leaning towards environmentally sound products and services, the industry of sustainability might be a good jumping off point.  In 2006, Kelly Giard, founder and CEO of Clean Air Lawn Care, took notice of this emerging trend and became the original pioneer for sustainable lawn care.  Now with over 45 territories across the nation, the Clean Air Lawn Care franchise continues to pride itself on environmental responsibility.  Here are five ways we are the best franchise opportunity because we remain loyal to sustainability:

Best Franchise Opportunity Reason #6:

We use renewable energy

Clean Air Lawn Care uses mobile solar powered charging units (mounted to our trucks) to charge and run electric lawn mowers, fertilizer sprayers, commercial blowers and string trimmers.  At night this equipment is charged by renewable wind power.  Also, when necessary for larger grounds, our commercial mowers run off of locally produced biofuels.  The use of these alternatives reduces our dependence on natural gas and fossil fuels.

Best Franchise Opportunity Reason #7:

Electric lawn equipment

Electric mowers emit 3,300 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less CO, one-fifth as much NOx as gas lawn mowers and emissions are reduced to zero when run on renewable energy.   By denying gas-powered equipment, we’re significantly decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into our atmosphere, therefore combating global warming one lawn at a time.

Best Franchise Opportunity Reason #8:

Resource conservation

A major part of environmental responsibility is the conservation of earth’s resources.  There are many ways in which we pay heed to this doctrine.  We conserve water by ensuring sound irrigation systems, we preserve water by using organic fertilizers that won’t leach into waterways, we reduce fossil fuel use through renewable energy practices, and we have a composting system that recycles waste to improve soil health.

Best Franchise Opportunity Reason #9:

Organic treatment systems

Clean Air Lawn Care franchisees use organic treatment systems that don’t harm the environment.  In fact, organic fertilizers are composed of nutrients that are favored by soil because they encourage long term root growth, thereby reducing the amount of water needed to feed its plants.  Traditional chemicals used for fertilization are harmful to humans and pets, but they also degrade soil environments, leach into groundwater and deter healthy plant growth.

Best Franchise Opportunity Reason #10:

Sustainable mowing practices

The appropriate mowing height is one of the most critical issues in keeping your lawn healthy, which is why we always mow lawns tall.  Mowing tall will allow the blades and the roots of the grass to develop at the same time.  This means that the roots will hold water longer, therefore reducing the amount of water required for health.  Also, tall grass grows at a slower rate so less cutting is needed per season, which subsequently decreases the amount of energy needed to maintain a fit lawn.

Interested in a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Opportunity?

When you consider the many franchise opportunities out there, think about where each of those businesses is headed and the long term financial prospects.  Lawn maintenance is an ever needed service and sustainable practices are an emerging trend.  Couple these with a superior team of experts and you have none other than the Clean Air Lawn Care franchise.
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