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Clean Air Lawn Care Boise is a full-service organic lawn care provider. Our customers include residential and small commercial properties in the Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and the North End communities.

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Family & Pet Safe Organic Fertilizations

We are proud to be providing Boise lawn services that are truly organic and safe. Our organic fertilization and treatment options are customized to the lawns for which we care. We include our very own, OMRI certified organic fertilizers and soil builders. These products were made by Clean Air Owners and scientists that understand the soil needs to be fed first. We ensure all the micro-organisms get nutrition to allow the grass to grow in lush with strong roots.

The fertilizers most companies use have a lot of bad chemicals. The products are very harmful to you, your family, pets, pollinators and the local waterways. Some companies even label products as organic that really aren’t completely organic or safe. Lawns will become addicted to the chemicals and cover up symptoms in a lawn. Also, the healthy creatures that help your soil and grass cannot live when these products are used.

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Treatment Program Options

We have 2 different options for your base fertilization program, a 5-step and a 7-step.


This is for lawns that are pretty healthy. These lawns haven’t used chemicals in the past, they typically have few weeds and are generally in good shape.

Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Organic Granular Fertilizer | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Clean Air Organic Liquid Fertilizer | Organic Granular Fertilizer


This treatment program is for lawns that may be thin or have bare spots, have used chemicals, and/or may have a lot of weeds.

Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Organic Granular Fertilizer | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Clean Air Organic Liquid Fertilizer or Organic Granular Fertilizer | Organic Granular Fertilizer | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Organic Granular Fertilizer

Ask us about our safe & natural weed control options and natural mosquito control!

Electric Lawn Mowing & Lawn Maintenance

We have mentioned our solar panels and quiet, electric equipment, but we haven’t talked about why it is so cool! Our services are 75% quieter than traditional gas mowing crews. You can have a conversation while they are near and still hear what is being said! You may not even know they are there until you look out and see their blue shirts. Additionally, we are not polluting by caring for your lawn. Did you know that small gas-powered engines produce 5-10 percent of pollution in the US every year? There are many toxins and carcinogens that are being released into the air when traditional lawn equipment is used.

What else makes a Boise lawn care company sustainable? Our lawn maintenance is performed in a way that helps to conserve water. In addition, we mow high and vertically trim edges to help lawns grow more lush and naturally keep weeds out.

We are a full-service lawn care provider. Ask about what other services we provide!

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The Clean Air Lawn Care Boise Owners Are Passionate

Kat & Lincoln Lewis

We started CALC for one reason really – we know people are rightly concerned about their families, their pets and the environment and we want more than anything else to help. Having a solar panel installation business, has made clear the desire people have for sustainable products and a sustainable way of life. Clean Air Lawn Care can immediately improve our customers’ quality of life with clean, renewable tools and build healthier lawns which has a tremendous impact not just for individual families, but their community as well. Healthy lawns can offset a family’s carbon footprint 1 for 1 and if every lawn in a community does that, we would be creating something beautiful for all of us.

We believe we are, first and foremost, stewards. We don’t see what we “have” as belonging to us, but realize that we are taking care of it in this life. Whether it’s our bodies, our environment or our wealth. Sustainability is critical to all aspects of stewardship – if a thing isn’t sustained, it’s not being well cared for, and it can’t continue to be healthy and grow. We know from our own experience that “clean” is better – clean air, clean food, clean water, everything.  That takes effort and patience. Just like going to the gym to build our health and vitality takes effort, so does creating a “clean” organic environment. We feel blessed to have two businesses that support that effort and that we can help create a better, sustainable environment for our communities and families.