Clean Air Compost Testimonial - Clean Air Lawn Care

Clean Air Compost Testimonial

The following was written by a Clean Air Compost residential customer in Fort Collins, CO – good reason why to compost!:
I live in Northern Colorado and I just signed up for Clean Air Compost. I received a compost bin and they pick up all my food waste, yard waste & other compostable materials once a week. I am amazed at how much I can compost: toilet paper tubes, cereal boxes, food scraps, yard waste, pet waste, my entire bathroom garbage can go in there. I recycle as well and about the only thing I put in my trash anymore is styrofoam (which I try not to accumulate) and the inside liners of my cereal boxes. Last week, our household only had a very small trash bag worth of garbage that couldn’t be recycled or composted. Thank you Clean Air Compost! For more information, go to or email Go Clean Air Compost Posse!

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