Clean Air Grows Sales, not Carbon Footprint

With many businesses, growth equals increased environmental impact. Clean Air Lawn Care is an exception. The business that was started by Kelly Giard, ex-stockbroker turned sustainable business owner, has actually decreased its carbon footprint as it has grown.

Giard started Clean Air Lawn Care out of his home garage in 2006. When he realized the great demand for organic and sustainable lawn care, he decided to hit the turf running. He began franchising just two years later. Soon after, in 2010, Clean Air reduced 110,341 pounds of air pollution nationwide, equaling over 3 million vehicle miles. Now, the company is continuing to grow and is located in over 55 territories within the U.S.

Renewable energy, cleaner-running equipment. Clean Air Lawn Care uses clean, electric equipment powered by renewable energy. Each truck is equipped with a Clean Air Solar Charging Unit: mounted solar panels that charge the electric mowers and other equipment throughout the day. Giard points out that the electric lawnmowers emit 3,330 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less carbon monoxide, and one-fifth as much NOx as gas lawnmowers. Furthermore, when the electric equipment is powered by renewable energy (wind and solar), the emissions are reduced to zero. In addition, the equipment used by Clean Air Lawn Care is 50-75% quieter than gas-powered lawn equipment.

Developed own organic fertilizer. The Clean Air Lawn Care franchise network is passionate about its work and truly has a mission to make each customers’ lawn the healthiest in the neighborhood. To support this, a group of Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners, along with turf and soil scientists, developed their very own organic fertilizer and are working on another to better their treatment programs even more. With these organic treatments, Clean Air Lawn Care is able to bring more life into the lawn—feeding not only the grass, but also the soil and microbiology. Giard says the goal of these programs is to build beautiful, chemical-free lawns that are safe for children and pets.

A new option for lawn care. Clean Air Lawn Care is spreading the message that there is an option in lawn care that is actually beneficial to the environment. Chris Hogan, owner of Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle and organic treatment expert, commented, “By feeding the soil and the microbiology within it, organically, our customers’ lawns are not only more green and healthy, but they take less watering and sequester atmospheric carbon.”

Clean Air Lawn Care is on a mission to continue educating communities about the organic option in lawn care. As awareness around lawn care pollution and the effects of traditional gas-powered equipment grows, the company is excited to continue reducing more and more air pollution, and help families feel good about enjoying a beautiful lawn.

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