Clean Air Lawn Care Miami | Owner Profile

Clean Air Lawn Care Miami
Headquarters: Miami, Fla.
Client mix: 100% residential
Service mix: 90% maintenance, including
fertilization; 10% installation
Employees: Less than five

Mariana Ureta, owner of Clean Air Lawn Care
Miami, has been using electric-powered equipment
from Stihl and Black & Decker since she started
the company a year ago. Her Miami location is one
of 46 franchise locations of Clean Air Lawn Care,
founded in Fort Collins, Colo., in 2006.
All the company’s equipment, including their
walk-behind mowers, blowers and string trimmers,
are battery-powered. They’re charged with a solarpowered
trailer that was developed in-house.
She can’t compare her electric, solar-powered
equipment to gas-powered alternatives because
she’s never used them, but she says has no concerns
about the equipment’s production abilities. Plus, the
equipment is lightweight and quiet—which both
crews and clients appreciate.
“When I decided to go back to work (after spending
several years at home with her children), it was
important for me to open a business that ft my personal
values and that I feel good about,” Ureta says.
Ureta says her “green” angle—including using
solar-powered equipment and organic fertilizer—
has been a point of differentiation for her business.
“Our equipment uses lithium batteries, which are
very light, effcient and quick to charge,” she says. “I
can charge the batteries for my blower and trimer in
about 10 minutes.”
While it’s certainly been a great selling point
with clients—and the company heavily promotes its
“green” services—Ureta says the catalyst behind her
green operations had more to do with personal values.
“Battery-powered equipment fts with my
personal values of sustainability,” she says. “I am
proud of providing a service that produces minimal

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