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Clean Air Lawn Care San Antonio
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Bringing Electric, Organic Lawn Care to San Antonio

Clean Air Lawn Care San Antonio owner, Bobby OBrien, loves his city. In our very first conversation, Bobby practically waxed poetic about all San Antonio has to offer, from colorful festivals to riverwalk restaurants to vibrant culture. It’s clear that Bobby wants to make a positive impact on his city and community. And safe, pet- and family-friendly lawn care is how he wants to do that.

Bobby officially launched Clean Air Lawn Care San Antonio in 2020, a challenging year for business ownersnew and old alike. Bobby has been facing the ups and downs of running a business in the face of COVID-19, severe drought, and economic uncertainty with positivity and passion. What keeps him going? “I want to create a legacy for my daughter so she has a business that will support sustainable habits now and in the future. My goal is to grow this business in a new market that will teach our community that these choices are smart and profitable in more ways than one.” 

San Antonio organic lawn care vanBobby focuses on sustainability in business and environmental terms and can see what a difference that makes to his community. He even went the extra mile to start his fleet with a natural-gas-powered van instead of a gas-guzzling truck. Right now, you can see that van around the Stone Oak and Alamo Park neighborhoods of San Antonio. As Bobby focuses on growing his Clean Air Lawn Care San Antonio business, you’ll start seeing more and more of his vans around the city. Keep an eye out for it, and if you see Bobby, make sure to let him know you appreciate what he and his crew are doing for pets and families across San Antonio!

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Safe, Organic Lawn Treatments

Organic fertilization and soil-builder treatments

All Clean Air Lawn Care fertilizer and soil treatments are all-natural, organic, and pet-and-kid-friendly. The organic lawn treatments that Bobby uses are formulated with Texas lawns in mind and provide the nutrients, minerals, and microbes that soil needs to grow healthy grass organically. All treatments have been tried and tested throughout Texas by other Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners, and have been shown to be effective and safe for pets, kids, and wildlife.

Compost topdressing

Compost topdressing is another proven way to keep lawns healthy organically. Adding compost to lawns supplies the nutrients, minerals, organisms, and organic material that healthy soils and grass need to thrive. Topdressing a lawn entails adding a thin layer of compost to an existing lawn. Combining a compost top dressing with aeration and overseeding is a tried-and-true approach to bring a lawn back from an unhealthy and/or weed-ridden state to a lush, healthy state.

Organic and pet-friendly weed control programs

Just like all Clean Air fertilizer and soil builder treatments, the weed control program and proprietary weed killer are pet-, bee- and kid-safe. Clean Air fertilizer and weed control programs are focused on building and maintaining healthy soil. Healthy soil grows healthy grass, and healthy grass resists disease and weeds. Healthy, organically grown lawns are also more environmentally friendly, thanks to their increased ability to capture carbon and host a healthy soil microbiome. 

Solar-Powered, Electric Lawn Care

San Antonio Clean Air Lawn Care Owner
Bobby OBrien with an electric mower at an event

Mowing, blowing, trimming and edging

Bobby and his team keep your lawn looking great with continual maintenance and cutting-edge electric equipment. Their electric lawnmowers, blowers, and trimmers are quiet and zero-emission.  Your work, phone conversation, or peaceful free time aren’t interrupted by loud, gas-powered equipment when they show up to mow your yard.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Spring and fall clean-ups

Spring and fall bring some of the most labor-heavy work for your landscaping. Make sure you’re keeping your lawn and landscape healthy and ready for the next season by getting help with your spring and fall clean-ups.

Mulch installation

Mulch is an essential part of keeping your landscaping healthy and efficient. It keeps the weeds at bay, retains moisture, and encourages a healthy soil microbiome. However, hauling and spreading mulch is a major time and work commitment. If your landscape is in need of mulch, let Bobby know. He can help!

Pruning and trimming

Pruning and trimming trees, shrubs and perennials is a time-consuming, but necessary task. Annual pruning and trimming keeps your trees and shrubs healthy and looking great.

Bobby and his crew are experienced in keeping your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful organically. And they’re ready to bring electric, organic lawn care to you and your community. Get in touch today for a free estimate!

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