Clean Air Seattle welcomes Chris Hogan, CPH

Seattle, WA – With most businesses, growth = increased environmental impact. Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle is an exception. In 2009, the company locally reduced 24,816 pounds of air pollution, equaling over 723,799 vehicle miles. Now Seattle residents have another reason to consult Clean Air for their lawn health. Chris Hogan, horticulture and organic lawn treatment specialist, has joined the Clean Air family as a local owner in Seattle.

Chris Hogan joins Clean Air Lawn Care with more than 20 years of horticulture, organic treatment and sustainable landscape design expertise here in the Pacific Northwest. Chris has been educating his clients in ways to reduce their negative impact on our environment by eliminating pesticides and chemical fertilizers, choosing plant materials that attract wildlife and provide food for the home. Chris is a one-stop resource for your lawn and landscape care needs.

To contact Chris for a free estimate call 206-355-2240 or email

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