Compare Pollution Emissions from Lawn Mowers

• In 1 hour, 1 gas lawn mower emits the same amount of ozone forming pollutants as a SUV driven 23,500 miles.

• Compare Pollution Emissions:

Gasoline Mowers(grams per year):

Hydrocarbons 1475.0
Carbon Monoxide 11425.0
Carbon Dioxide 24075.0
Nitrogen Oxides 50.0

Electric Mowers(grams per year):

Hydrocarbons 0.8172
Carbon Monoxide 4.572
Carbon Dioxide 21240.0
Nitrogen Oxides 11.28

Wind/Solar Powered Electric Mowers (grams per year):

Hydrocarbons 0
Carbon Monoxide 0
Carbon Dioxide 0
Nitrogen Oxides 0

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