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Get an EGO Blower for 50% Off!

EGO blower with CALC fertilizer

The EGO and Clean Air Lawn Care Healthy Lawn Program

Get an EGO 530 Leaf Blower for $100 (50% off list price) when you purchase an organic lawn fertilization program with your local Clean Air Lawn Care!

Clean Air Lawn Care’s organic fertilization program fosters healthy soils and beautiful lawns with natural, soil-building ingredients that are safe for pets, kids, pollinators, and wildlife.

The EGO 530 Leaf Blower is #1 rated, as powerful as gas, has a high-efficiency brushless motor with turbine fan engineering. Plus, this quiet electric leaf blower is lightweight and has a compact design.

Combine an organic lawn with electric lawn equipment and you get the healthiest lawn in the neighborhood!

Contact us using the form below to sign up for your organic lawn fertilization program and get your EGO blower for only $100.


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