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Eugene organic lawn care is now available! Clean Air Lawn Care Eugene is a full-service sustainable and organic lawn care service provider. We cater to residential and small commercial properties in Eugene, Springfield, and other surrounding areas.

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solar powered electric lawn care equipmementBerenger, Clean Air Lawn Care Eugene owner, believes using solar-powered equipment and organic fertilizers is a great way to make his customers’ lawns beautiful while protecting the environment. Our sustainable practices in Eugene neighborhoods are clean, quiet and safe. You have an organic option for your Eugene organic lawn care needs. Each lawn has different soil, different grass types, and environment. Expertise and experience help us understand the unique needs of lawns in Eugene, OR. We use custom organic lawn treatments to bring life to your soil and promote healthy, lush grass. We bring you the healthiest green grass around. Contact us now to get your FREE estimate for Eugene lawn care by filling out this form or calling (458) 239-1133!

Clean Air Lawn Care is a Eugene organic lawn care company that provides services good for your family and the environment. Small gas-powered engines produce 5-10 percent of pollution in the US every year. Furthermore, lawn chemicals and synthetic fertilizers leak into local waterways and have harmful side-effects to people and animals. Traditional methods of lawn maintenance are both wasteful and harmful. Because we care about making a difference, we do it differently! That’s why we mounted solar panels on all Clean Air Lawn Care trucks, giving us the opportunity to recharge our solar-powered lawn mowers while we work. Lawn treatment programs from Clean Air include organic soil builders with natural weed control and organic fertilization options. We approach lawn maintenance in Eugene without emissions or chemicals. It is a good way of showing that we truly care about the longevity and lusciousness of your lawn.

Eugene Lawn Care Service

Solar-Powered, Electric Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

We use solar-panels mounted on our trucks to power our equipment. All of our mowers, blowers and trimmers operate by sustainable energy!

Treatment Programs

We have two treatment programs; a 5-step and a 7-step. These both include Clean Air Lawn Care custom fertilizations and soil builders. The difference will include number of applications and extra amendments to help feed your soil and lawn.

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Other Eugene Lawn Care Services

  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation consultation
  • Compost application
  • Organic weed control
  • Shrub or hedge trimming
  • Seasonal yard clean up
  • Garden bed maintenance

The Clean Air Lawn Care Eugene Owner

Berenger opened Clean Air Lawn Care after being an entrepreneur and knowing he could continue to have his own business and make a difference in the community.  He realizes that it takes active participation, innovation, and passion to make a difference in local environments.  What better place to make a difference than in his hometown? Eugene organic lawn care is Berenger’s vehicle for making a difference! He is motivated to improve local waterways, groundwater, and soil in Oregon.  Emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment and bio-accumulation of chemicals from pesticides harm local resources.  Being raised in the area, he is inspired to help improve the Eugene environment.

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