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Franchise Business Model and Support

environmentally, economically and socially responsible Franchise business model

The Clean Air Lawn Care franchise business model is designed to improve the quality of life for you, your family, and your community. It gives you the independence of running your own business that has a proven and sustainable business model. You’ll have the flexibility of making your own schedule, choosing your employees, and picking the marketing strategy that fits your community and your style. Our franchise model is for people who like to work hard, have fun, and make a difference.


A Flexible Franchise Business Model That Scales

Hire someone to run your operation as a passive investment or work in the field and use your first franchise as a launching pad toward a multi-franchise operation. A Clean Air Lawn Care franchise allows you to lay the groundwork for your financial future in your own way. You’ll control a territory and manage your own crews. You’ll make important business decisions every day, and be able to take ownership of your success as a business owner.

Your Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Includes:

  • 1 exclusive territory of approximately 70,000 households with a median household income of $50,000
  • Full billing, marketing, website and business support from Clean Air Lawn Care HQ
  • Unlimited mix of mowing trucks and organic fertilization trucks
  • A mix of residential and commercial properties

Who Succeeds With The Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Model?

A Clean Air Lawn Care franchise works best for small business entrepreneurs looking for a proven business model that delivers a healthy service with meaningful change, or an existing lawn care professional who wants to successfully transition to sustainable and organic lawn care. Clean Air Lawn Care franchisees need to demonstrate a proven record of business success, enjoy working outdoors and maintain a commitment to environmental issues.

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Franchise Support

Once you become a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owner, you’ll have access to our extensive franchise support system and exclusive resources that are specific to running a successful organic lawn care business.

Our Franchise Support System Includes:

Training and Support

We provide franchisees intensive training at our corporate offices and then join you in the field for onsite training. We ensure you’re as comfortable talking to your customers about sustainable and organic lawn care as you are about your mowers. You will be in direct communication with Grass Central where staff is dedicated to ensuring your lawn care business is a success and that you’re having fun. You’ll receive support in everything from launching your business to creating estimates to providing your customers with quality service.

Automated Billing

We take care of billing your customers for you. You do the estimate and we take it from there! You’ll also have full financial reports at your fingertips.

Local website for lead generation

Every location has its own local website, generating search engine results and lawn care estimate requests. We’re really good at digital marketing and making sure you have high-quality leads and potential customers from day one of your business launch.

Marketing Portfolio

You’ll have full access to our marketing & PR creatives. Use these resources to craft a marketing strategy that suits your local market and represents you. Our media message is well crafted and compelling, and we will help you garner media coverage.

Equipment Testing

You are entering into a rapidly developing cutting edge industry with ever-changing equipment options. We test products for the major manufacturers and can tell you what equipment combination will work best for you so you don’t have to waste time with the wrong equipment. You will also benefit from the Clean Air Solar Charging Unit, designed to charge your equipment throughout the day.

Proven Business Model

A full-service, zero-emissions mowing and organic treatment service is difficult to deliver at a professional level. We’ve done the legwork, made the mistakes, and will train you on the Do’s and Don’ts.


The benefits of our corporate partnerships are passed directly on to you. You’ll receive wholesale pricing on equipment, uniforms, and more!

National Brand Recognition

Our established and leading national brand will enhance your ability to attract clients, partners, and employees interested in sustainable and organic lawn care.

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