Franchise History

using electric mower on lawnClean Air Lawn Care began as, what some would consider, a small rebel in an already stable market. We faced some harsh conditions at first with very little support from the industry, skeptical customers, and less than desirable equipment. Given those formidable barriers, our only chance at success in 2008 was superior people. We are here today as the leader in sustainable and organic lawn care in the US because we were founded on the backs of great people. That’s just who our owners are, though – dedicated, fastidious, hard-working individuals who are good at what they do and enjoy doing it. Much has changed since 2008, we now operate state of the art lawn care equipment (some of which we invented – for instance, solar-powered lawn care) and we are now highly respected in the lawn care industry.

One thing hasn’t changed, though, and that is the quality of people who run Clean Air Lawn Care. Our eco-friendly franchise owners are a different breed of entrepreneur. They’re risk-takers who aren’t afraid to stand apart from the status quo, yet they’re humble in their undertakings. Don’t take that the wrong way; they’re very proud of what they do and they won’t hesitate to celebrate their success after a hard day of work. Clean Air Lawn Care would not have succeeded back in 2008 without the strength of the local owners and that statement is still true now.

The web of support that the owners provide one another and the camaraderie among the team as a whole is somewhat of an anomaly in today’s business market. There’s a special bond between the breed of people who operate Clean Air Lawn Care franchises. The typical owner is excited about the prospect of being an outdoor aficionado, proud to be a steward of his or her community, motivated for high achievement… and a bit of a goofball. These qualities have always been the pillars of our success, and that will never change.

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Meet Kelly Giard – CEO and Founder of Clean Air Lawn Care

Kelly Giard - CEO and Founder of Clean Air Lawn Care

Founder and CEO, Kelly Giard, was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 issue as Emerging Entrepreneur of 2009 for Clean Air Lawn Care’s firm commitment to improving the quality-of-life for families and communities across the U.S as an eco-friendly franchise.

To hear about Kelly’s journey with Clean Air Lawn Care, you can listen to an interview recorded with Todd Uterstaedt, the founder of “From Founder To CEO”, a site dedicated to helping founder become superb CEO’s. Released on August 4th, 2015. Here are two ways to listen: Direct Itunes, From Founder to CEO’s website

Kelly Giard is quietly changing the lawn care industry with his green company. He’s a humble guy who shares amazing points of leadership wisdom throughout the episode linked above. For example, 1. “You want to follow owners who have their own money on the line.” 2. “Letting go of control was probably the biggest thing I had to learn…developing the ultimate confidence in your team members…” 3. “Invite criticism early and take it on as a positive thing…” 4. “It’s better to work with the talent within…versus bringing someone in cold…” 5. “The startup phase and the people associated with it aren’t necessarily going to be the same people that execute the business…longer term…and that’s OK.”

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