Franchise Partners

Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise Partners

Clean Air Lawn Care’s franchise partners are some of the best and brightest organizations and teams in the country. Our franchise partners include industry leaders in electric lawn equipment, apparel, marketing software, billing software, and regional environmental leaders. We collaborate with these partners to make business more efficient and profitable for our franchise owners, and to continue blazing the trail in sustainable lawn care across the country.

Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners are demonstrating that clean, organic, and zero-emission lawn care is not only a viable option for improving environmental and human health but a lucrative one, as well. And with the help of the following franchise partners, they continue to be sustainable and organic lawn care pioneers.

Equipment Partners:

The Kress brand has been around since 1928. An icon of German engineering, it stood side by side with generations of professional users who have trusted its tools for their dependability. Kress has been manufacturing electric motors exclusively for almost a century. Recent R&D capabilities were enhanced in 2017 with a partnership with the international Positec group. The Kress partnership went all-in into the development of cordless outdoor power equipment for commercial landscapers and homeowners. 2023 is the last major milestone in the almost century-long history of the brand. Kress launched the 8-minute CyberSystem, a next-gen battery system that boasts the world’s fastest-charging times. Thanks to our partnership with Kress, all Clean Air franchise owners are offered a 10-day trial of the equipment to feel the power, see the increased productivity and experience the return on investment. For more information see the Kress Product Catalog or visit


ego logo for franchise partner

EGO  has been focused on researching, developing, and continually improving its battery-powered POWER+ line of tools and lawn equipment for the past decade. EGO  has proven itself to be a leading manufacturer of electric lawn equipment and is one of the first brands we recommend to new owners. Thanks to our partnership, all Clean Air Lawn Care owners get a discount on EGO equipment, as well as personalized product support.

On top of the healthy discount that decreases start-up costs and business growth costs for our owners, we are currently working closely with EGO to provide in-depth equipment training and cross-marketing that will benefit our franchise owners.

Greenworks has been focused on cleaning up the lawn care industry with zero-emission, electric tools since 2007. Greenworks Commercial is actively working with environmental partners to see a positive change in air quality nationwide; they were the official Outdoor Power Equipment partner of Earth Day 2020. Greenworks offers discounts and personalized product support to Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners for their entire battery-powered, electric equipment and tool line.

You can read a press release about Clean Air Lawn Care’s partnership with Greenworks in Lawn and Landscape magazine.


Stihl logo for franchise partnership

STIHL is a trusted and reliable brand across the board when it comes to tools and power equipment, and they ventured into battery-powered electric equipment over a decade ago. Their line of battery-powered equipment has proven just as powerful and reliable as their gas-powered line, so many of our owners enjoy their commercial discount on STIHL battery-powered electric equipment and trust the performance of the brand.

SiteOne franchise partner logo


Tools, equipment, plants, irrigation equipment, and even lighting are available for ordering online through SiteOne landscape supply. Clean Air Lawn Care owners get a discount on anything they order from SiteOne, making it easy to stay on top of all of the “tools of the trade” you’ll need to keep up with your busy schedule.

Apparel Partner:

patagonia logo for franchise partnership

Our franchise owners are always excited to get their discount on commercial apparel from Patagonia, one of the premier outdoor equipment and apparel suppliers in the world. Patagonia is a brand that has spent the last five decades making itself a benchmark for outdoor apparel and gear manufacturers — not only by achieving the highest quality and technology available, but by consistently innovating new ways to decrease their environmental impact, and demonstrating ways that other industry leaders can do the same.

Patagonia only partners with companies who show their dedication to sustainability, and we’re proud to have access to their commercial discount and line of apparel.

Marketing Partners:

thumbtack logo for franchise partnership

Thumbtack has proven to be one of the stand-out platforms that we use in our digital marketing strategy to connect with potential customers digitally.  Thumbtack is an online platform that instantly connects people with a professional to help them complete a project. Many people are looking to Thumbtack to find lawn care professionals, and Clean Air Lawn Care always stands out as a first-class lawn care company when seen next to other local lawn service options on the platform. Thanks to our partnership with Thumbtack, our owners receive a discount on the service, as well as personal account management support.


build a sign logo franchise partner

From stickers and decals to signs and door hangers, Build A Sign is our official partner for our custom-made marketing products. Our franchise owners get a discount on all of their customized products, and The Clean Air Lawn Care specialized Build A Sign easy-order website is launching soon to make ordering printed products even easier.

Billing and Operation Support Partners:

Service Autopilot franchise logo

Service Autopilot is our franchise partner and preferred technology vendor for our franchise owners’ CRM (customer relationship management) platform. The Service Autopilot CRM speeds up several daily functions such as scheduling jobs, optimizing routes, collecting invoices, providing an easy payment portal to customers, and even automatically sending estimate follow-ups. Our owners have access to a representative of Service Autopilot as well as a healthy discount on the amazing cloud-based software.

quickbooks logo for franchise partnership

All of our owners use Quickbooks Online software for their franchise bookkeeping. Clean Air Lawn Care owners use Quickbooks Online for invoicing, accepting payments, sending estimates, and tracking revenue and expenses. All owners’ books are connected to billing support at HQ, so they have consistent help in the accounting department. Thanks to our partnership with QuickBooks, our franchise owners get a discount on their software as well as full training and billing support from HQ.


Environmental Partners:

jackson hole franchise partner

Our Jackson Hole location has formed a close partnership with the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition and has an active part in their Trout Friendly Lawns Program. The program is designed to help the community protect the area’s water resources, native trout, and other fish, birds, and wildlife. Lawns can be certified as “Trout Friendly” through this program, and many lawns that are cared for by Clean Air Lawn Care qualify thanks to their enduring commitment to organic, sustainable lawn care. A Trout Friendly Lawn follows these four basic lawn and landscape maintenance principles: 1) Limit fertilizer 2) Be Water Wise 3) Plant natives and streamside buffers 4)Use herbicides and pesticides appropriately. Clean Air Lawn Care Jackson Hole owner, Eric Worth, and his crew are committed to helping their community create more Trout Friendly Lawns.

raqc logo franchise partner

We are teaming up with the Colorado-based Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) to lead the way in improving air quality across the Front Range of Colorado. Denver is among the ten worst cities in America when it comes to air quality, and the RAQC is working hard to cut air pollution across the region. The council has been fighting to clean up Colorado air since 1989. They improve Colorado’s air and health by implementing change through policy, programs, outreach, and education. Clean Air Lawn Care is currently in the beginning stages of collaborating with the RAQC to demonstrate how electric lawn equipment can make a huge impact on local air pollution and emissions.

The RAQC’s “Mow Down Air Pollution” is a new lawn mower exchange program that aims to reduce ground-level ozone and air pollution by encouraging residents to exchange their gas mower for an electric mower. We will continue to work with the Council to show that change in the lawn care industry is possible and effective.