Our Franchise Support Makes All the Difference

Our HQ franchise support team works hard to earn your royalty dollars by providing the backbone of your success. Our franchise systems and community of experts reduce your risk of failure, help you grow a business faster, and take the guesswork out of starting a successful green business.

Our experienced team is dedicated to supporting each demand that your growing business will have at launch and throughout your new life as a Clean Air Lawn Care owner. We’ve got you covered with marketing, website optimization and server management, billing, initial and on-going training, organic treatment products, as well as helping you with the business strategy decisions you face.

Read on to see why it’s worth it to have a franchise support team behind you as you open your electric, sustainable, and organic lawn care company.

Ongoing Franchise Support for All Owners Includes:

Branding and Reputation

5-star lawn care company logoAt Clean Air Lawn Care, our experiences, personalities, and values have become our branding position. We are outdoor enthusiasts, green geeks, family men and women, and pioneers. With the help of the marketing director behind Fat Tire beer, we have expertly crafted these characteristics into a three-pillar branding position that is becoming a household name.

First, we emphasize our position as leaders in the industry. We’re one of the fastest-growing national organic lawn care companies and have no plans of slowing down. We continue to expand through innovations like our solar-powered lawn equipment, solar-powered liquid treatment sprayers, and name brand organic treatments we’ve established to meet market demand for a healthy, safe lawn treatment alternative.

Second, we are committed to sustainability; being “green” is not just a trendy marketing buzzword for Clean Air, it’s who we are. We want our customers to believe in and be committed to Clean Air Lawn Care, and trust that their properties are being treated with the most sustainable practices and equipment available.

Finally, our owners and crew members are not just lawn technicians, they are local and engaged members of the community. They are true believers of our core principles and the trusted face of starting a green business with Clean Air. They are also dedicated to providing premium lawn and customer service, which shows in their reviews!

Full Marketing Support

Lead generation is an important part of any small business. When starting a green business with our franchisees, we build a localized and personalized web experience with highly targeted descriptive content. We funnel traffic to that site that kicks off high-quality estimate requests and prospective customers galore!

We also maintain your digital presence, ensuring your online marketing opportunities remain low cost and highly successful. We spoil our owners, substantially reducing the cost of marketing a small business.

Truck wraps, brochures, business cards, and more all at your disposal. Once you’re an owner, all you have to do is log on to our internal website and pick and choose what marketing material you want.

Have you recorded your team in action and would like to share some clip to promote your business? Our skilled support team can help you edit, brand, and optimize your footage so it becomes an asset of which you can be proud.

Chrisane Giard Clean Air Lawn Care Marketing Director

Chrisane Giard | Marketing Director

Chrisane has a professional past with global franchisors and marketing. She is the go-to for Franchisee marketing needs. She works to create innovative strategies for owners to grow their businesses and get their name out there. Chrisane makes sure that each owner’s business plan is created so that they are spending their marketing dollars intelligently to maximize their ability to gain new clients. She is always in your corner, proactively assisting each owner from business launch and going forward as they grow.

Local Website and Digital Presence

The Clean Air Lawn Care HQ team also manages your web development needs in-house, for better consistency on testing and updating your site, SEO-focused content writing, and improving overall business visibility. This is crucial to maintain site-wide security, stability, and speed for our end-customers.

There are many hurdles that a new business owner must go through to give life to their company in the digital space. As Clean Air owners, you benefit from the methods and structure developed through our existing model.

Billing and Financials Support

Invoicing, financial organization, and billing are some of the biggest challenges for many small business owners. As a franchise owner, you have all of that taken care of for you.

Dawn Martin | Billing & Admin Support

Dawn runs the centralized billing services at Clean Air. She is your ultimate time-saver: handling all invoicing, charging client credit cards, sending out statements, building financial reports, and ensuring predictable cash flow. She helps you with all of the more time-consuming aspects of owning your business.

Dawn wakes up every day thinking about your customers to make sure your day-to-day administrative tasks are managed in thorough detail. She frees up your time, allowing you to focus on the important stuff when starting a green business with Clean Air Lawn Care – your family, growing your business, meeting new customers, and having fun doing it.

Operations and Business Strategy Support

On top of billing, marketing, and digital support, we support our franchise owners with their operations questions and business strategies. We’ve seen a lot of franchises succeed over the last decade and we know what steps owners need to take to build their organic lawn care franchise into a thriving local, green business. Our HQ team works with every owner to help them make smart operations and business decisions in order to reach their growth goals.

When you become a Clean Air Lawn Care owner, you become a part of the engaged and passionate Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owner network, as well. All owners are connected via an email-driven communication forum that is active and engaged. You can go to this network of experienced owners with any operations questions, big or small.

Joseph Trevino | Operations Support

Clean Air Lawn Care Owners have a true expert supporting their operational needs. As Joseph also owns a Clean Air Lawn Care and Clean Air Mosquito Control locations in Houston, TX. Joseph is the go to when it comes to anything regarding best practices, technique, routing, employees and our CRM system. From the start, Joseph helps Owners launch their business and consistently supports then while they continue to scale.

Jenna Jenkins | Customer Experience Support

Jenna supports Owners by assisting them with their sales process. She helps them by freeing up time and setting appointments for them and working with them within our CRM platform to ensure each Owner is organized and set up to close sales more efficiently. Jenna is dedicated to helping Owners foster lasting relationships with clients by keeping their communication smooth and organized. She is a source of individualized support for owners needing guidance and excels at promoting the highest quality of customer service with each location and on a national basis.

Kelly Giard Clean Air Lawn Care Founder

Kelly Giard | Founder & CEO

Kelly is the Founder and active CEO of Clean Air Lawn Care. He came up with the idea back in 2005 and exited his white-collar career to pursue this business full time in 2008. He is very active in day-to-day operations at Clean Air. Kelly helps local owners individually with business model coaching, provides on-going training, and works with the committee of local owners to ensure the ship is sailing in the right direction. Kelly is very passionate about the success of each Owner and provides a variety of tools to encourage continuous scaling.



The business model has been optimized — all you have to do is follow our systems and grow! We offer extensive upfront training for starting a green business, with a week-long course in everything Clean Air Lawn Care. Then, additional support and training after you launch your business. Through a series of trainings and continuing education, we strive to make owners feel confident and in control of their location from the first mow to their integration of new treatments and techniques.

franchise support includes training

The initial training is a week-long, hosted at our headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. During the training week, we will cover what it means to own a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise location including; history, branding, our business model, and company culture. We will discuss the ins and outs of owning a small business; marketing, customer service, accounting, and help you develop your business plan. Expert professors from Colorado State University will talk with you about the importance of sustainable initiatives, and turf soil science. Out in the field our top GrassMasters will train you in the art and philosophy of Clean Air Lawn Care, plus you will be having fun with us in the great state of Colorado.

Throughout the launch process, franchise support will be there for you with any questions or difficulties that arise, and once you’re up and running you will benefit from the continuing education programs that keep us in the front lines of organic lawn care. We also hold training calls on everything from profitability to microbial soil sciences.

Innovation & Technology

With a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise, you will be entering into a rapidly developing cutting edge industry with ever-changing equipment options. We are on the front lines of new technology by testing products for major manufacturers and will inform you on what equipment combination will work best for your location, so you don’t have to waste time with the wrong equipment.

We are also innovators ourselves. Our signature Clean Air Solar Charging Unit will be installed on your operational vehicle during the training process, and allows you to re-charge equipment throughout the day as well as providing you a unique marketing device. Our solar-powered liquid fertilizer sprayer has allowed for efficient organic treatment application that is cost-effective and aligns with our sustainable values.

We’ve also developed our own line of Clean Air Certified Organic Fertilizers, so our owners and customers can be confident of the products used to treat their lawns. We teamed up with expert turf and soil scientists, as well as local suppliers and producers to ensure our product is the best on the market.

Fun and Community

Culture is at the heart of our lawn care franchise company. We are comprised of intelligent and compassionate local owners, managers, and employees who are outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and like to have a good time. Our culture reflects these qualities, for example, our intelligent internal website connects Clean Air every day through profiles and forums that keep owners around the country talking about innovative solutions and strategies.

Regional and National conferences continue this communication with personal interaction, continuing education, outdoor enjoyment, and plenty of fun. Updates from Clean Air Headquarters keep owners up to date on happenings within the company as well as issues in sustainability, lawn care, and business. Mostly our green business culture is created by the brilliant and diverse people who make up Clean Air Lawn Care.

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