Happy 4th: Americans & Lawns

July 2010 Clean Air Lawn Care Grass Clippings: http://bit.ly/bYeJiJ
This month’s edition written by Kevin McDonald, local owner of Clean Air Lawn Care Orange County (http://www.cleanairlawncareoc.com/).

Here is an excerpt:

In honor of our great country and Independence Day, let’s all pause and reflect on our relationship with our lawns. Reflect on our relationship with our lawns? Yes, by now summer is in full swing and if you haven’t participated in your first barbeque for the summer yet, I’d bet that there is one on your calendar very soon.

Often on Fourth of July, we spend time with family and friends in celebration of our freedoms as Americans. So this year, before the fireworks, before your gathering, think about your lawn while you are preparing for your great day. Think about your youth, when you would spend hours running barefoot through your yard or as you grew and begun dreaming of one day owning your own home and lawn. Or how about the nostalgia in the smell of freshly cut grass (not the smell of emissions from the gas mower) that really never changes, no matter your age.

Where did our obsession as Americans with our lawns all begin? History shows that they can be traced back the Middle Ages, where lawns were a sign of wealth and nobility. Fast-forward to the United States and the role the lawn played in the shaping of communities and social stature, decades upon decades apart, the heart of the lawn is the same. But, it is not only that: your yard is a place to raise a family, share time with friends, share a quiet moment or afternoon alone, let the pets play, grow a garden, and the list goes on.

What is your favorite yard memory? (This is a great conversation starter for this year’s BBQ…Don’t forget to first compliment the host our their wonderful property)


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