Healthy Lawn Care Company

Benefits of an Organic, Electric, Healthy Lawn Care Company

Clean Air Lawn Care is a change artist in the green revolution. We have redefined the lawn industry with modern operations and organic materials that are better for people, animals, and the environment. We are the healthy lawn care company for which you’ve been looking.

Safe, effective, cleaner and quieter—there are so many benefits to using a company with a commitment to sustainable, organic lawn care. Your health and the health of your family, pets and the mini-ecosystem in your yard should not be in conflict with your desire to have a beautiful, well-kept lawn. So, Clean Air Lawn Care resolves this conflict with a better-for-your-health approach to lawn care service.

Hidden dangers of lawn care products

Using conventional lawn care products and equipment can be dangerous for workers, homeowners and animals, including:

  • Hearing damage and permanent hearing loss from loud equipment like mowers and leaf blowers
  • Emissions, fumes, and environmental damage from gas-powered equipment
  • Chemical burns to skin and lungs from fertilizer and other lawn care products
  • Sickness or illness from exposure to chemicals, including cancer-causing chemicals
  • Killing bees, bugs, birds and other animals who depend on a healthy, balanced ecosystem (which affects humans, in turn)
  • Endangering pets, potentially causing illness or death
  • Endangering children and family members or other visitors to your lawn

Widely used herbicides and pesticides cause a variety of problems in humans and animals of all kinds. Many people know about the damage to the honey bee population from overuse of pesticides, and how it is throwing our ecosystem off balance.

While some people are aware of the long list (65 and growing) of chemicals that are considered dangerous to use in lawn care, most people don’t think beyond the chemicals in hiring traditional lawn care companies. Or, they think chemicals are a “necessary risk” if you want to get a beautiful looking lawn. Untrue!

What makes us different?

Safe, Organic, Healthy Lawn Care Company

Healthy lawn care company

Clean Air Lawn Care uses a variety of proprietary, organic materials that are safe for pets, kids, pollinators and other wildlife and all-electric equipment with zero emissions.

  • Solar-powered/electric equipment rechargeable on-site: quieter and cleaner
  • Proprietary, organic materials for lawn care application, including organic weed killer
  • Custom formulations for specific regions and climates
  • Pet-safe/kid-safe lawn treatments: go outside and play immediately after service!

But don’t just take our word for it. We have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars across the country, and hundreds of satisfied customers who literally breathe easier using Clean Air Lawn Care’s services.