Solar Powered Lawn Care?

Solar Powered Lawn Care?
Solar Powered Lawn Care
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Clean Air Lawn Care is a Sustainable Lawn Care service because our lawn maintenance equipment is Solar Powered using our proprietary Solar Charging technology.

Solar Power is Cleaner & Cheaper than Gas

We started Clean Air Lawn Care to create beautiful lawns and keep neighborhoods clean and pollution free. We’ve accomplished those goals and have also given our owners a competitive advantage in the gas guzzling lawn care industry. Fuel costs are rising?  That’s fine, our business will continue to grow as our owner/operators realize greater profits without having huge gas bills to pay, and our customers will be happy that we’re not charging them more because of fuel cost adjustments.

Clean Air Lawn Care Solar Charging Unit

Clean Air Lawn Care Solar PanelWhat’s made our sustainable lawn care mission possible was the invention of the Clean Air Lawn Care Solar Charging Unit – a.k.a Beatrice. It sits atop all our Clean Air Lawn Care trucks and is not just for show; it actually powers our fertilizer sprayers, commercial blowers, string trimmers, and mowers. This on-the-go rooftop configuration let’s out operator/owners charge their lawn care equipment between jobs, and it lowers their costs by reducing their gas and grid-powered electricity needs.

Learn More about Solar Powered Lawn Care

To learn more about Sun Powered Lawn Care and our Approach to Sustainable Lawn Care, please visit

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