Idaho Falls Lawn Care Services

Idaho Falls Lawn Care Service

Idaho Falls Lawn Care & Exterior Services

Idaho Falls lawn care is safe and chemical-fee when you choose Clean Air Lawn Care, In addition to our organic fertilization and treatments, we provide sustainable maintenance services that are safe for you and our environment. We use equipment run on renewable energy and treat our lawns with organic and effective fertilizers, making them safe to enjoy immediately – no little signs warning you to stay off the lawn.

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Solar-Powered Idaho-Falls Lawn Care

Here at Clean Air Lawn Care, our lawn care practices begin in the soil and extend all the way to our mowing methods. But how do we keep our commitment to sustainable lawn maintenance?

For starters, we ditch gas mowers and their noisy, carbon-emitting exhausts in favor of electric equipment that is powered entirely by the sun. How? The system of solar panels mounted atop our trucks keep our electric equipment charged all day.

Organic Lawn Fertilization and Treatments

Our Idaho-Falls-based organic lawn care service is an environmentally safe alternative to conventional lawn care that makes neighborhoods safer for pets, kids and wildlife. Using an organic lawn care approach is the best way to achieve a well-balanced lawn without the harmful chemicals that results from a traditional lawn service. These chem-lawn providers are masking deeper problem symptoms in your lawn to gain short-term results.

Did you know that many lawns in Idaho-Falls lawns have different soil, weeds and grass types? Expertise and experience help Mitch and his crew understand the unique needs of every lawn in the area. We use custom organic lawn treatments to bring life to your soil and promote healthy, lush grass. Thanks to our tried-and-true approach to organic lawn care, we can bring you the healthiest grass in Idaho-Falls and surrounding areas. Contact us now to get your FREE estimate by filling out this form.

Idaho Falls Window CleaningWindow Cleaning Service

If you are looking for eco-friendly window cleaners, we are the Idaho Falls window cleaning service for you! With an experienced team and green cleaning products, we are proud to serve both commercial and residential customers. Our owner and operator Mitch Freeman has 18 years of experience cleaning windows. Quality is something we take seriously in all aspects of caring for our customers’ homes. You can expect your interior and exterior windows to be streak free with clean sills, tracks and frames. We even take care of spider webs, fly spots, over-sprayed paint and hardwater anywhere near your windows for no extra cost.

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Gutter Cleaning Service

We always recommend getting a gutter cleaning service before any other exterior cleaning. This process is inherently messy but necessary. We don’t want to be getting muck or dirt on freshly washed siding, windows or walkways around your home. The other benefits of having this done every spring and fall are numerous.

Idaho Falls Gutter CleaningIf gutters are left with material in them before winter you can expect all kinds of problems over the winter season. This includes: water overflowing the sides of the gutters and possibly flooding basements or crawlspaces.  Overflowing gutters will often send dirty water down your siding – staining it or maybe worse – water intrusion into your soffit, roof or behind your siding and cause water damage or ice dams. Sometimes sediment can build up so heavy your gutters can break and even take some of your house with it!

Pressure Washing Service

Our pressure washing services use equipment and products that are safe for the environment. With our electric equipment being powered from solar panels atop our trucks, we are emitting zero emissions a less noise pollution while we service your home. In addition, our products are all natural, non-toxic and effective.