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Clean Air Lawn Care solar truckClean Air Lawn Care is the nation’s leading full-service sustainable lawn care company. When you sign up for lawn maintenance with Clean Air Lawn Care, you are signing up for the cleanest & healthiest lawn service available.

Clean. Green. Organic.

  • Solar-powered Lawn Mowers
  • Organic Fertilizers
  • Quiet Equipment

Quality Lawn Services

We are committed to beautifully groomed lawns. We offer weekly service for residential and commercial lawns. Our service includes lawn mowing, trimming, blowing, and grass removal to an organic waste recycling center. Additionally, we offer Spring and Fall clean-ups and basic landscaping assistance.

Customers can also sign up for our organic fertilization program. This ensures your yard is beautiful and safe for your children, pets, and waterways. See our full list of services.

Environmentally Clean

We use clean electric and biodiesel powered equipment for lawn mowing and landscape maintenance that is run on renewable energy. Our electric equipment is charged during the day by solar panels mounted on our trucks.

We’re also committed to educating our customers and the public on sustainable lawn care.

Quiet Lawn Care Equipment

Because we’re electric, our equipment is noticeably quiet. The Department of Interior’s Green Seal report estimates electric lawn mowers cut noise emissions by 50-75%. This aspect is great for neighbors, working environments, napping children, and enjoying your day.


Through comprehensive research and our innovative business model, we are able to offer the service at rates competitive to others. Rates vary by lawn size and locale. Get an estimate!

Local business keeps lawn care ‘green’

Company uses solar panels to power its mowers, trimmers and leaf blowers According to a 2011 study by the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas is among the top polluters nationally when it comes to emissions from gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment. While...

Clean Air Grows Sales, not Carbon Footprint

With many businesses, growth equals increased environmental impact. Clean Air Lawn Care is an exception. The business that was started by Kelly Giard, ex-stockbroker turned sustainable business owner, has actually decreased its carbon footprint as it has grown. Giard...

Clean Air Lawn Care Miami | Owner Profile

Clean Air Lawn Care Miami Headquarters: Miami, Fla. Client mix: 100% residential Service mix: 90% maintenance, including fertilization; 10% installation Employees: Less than five Mariana Ureta, owner of Clean Air Lawn Care Miami, has been using electric-powered...

Clean Air Lawn Care Locations

^ Welcome, let us help you find a local Clean air owner. Arizona Scottsdale/Phoenix Contact: • 602-781-4555 Website: Services available: Mowing, trimming, blowing, edging Organic fertilization and soil...

Clean Air Lawn Care Mission Statement

Change the way America cares for lawns by empowering our local owners and managers to deliver an exceptional lawn care service that improves the quality of life in their communities. Core Values Sustainable: For Clean Air Lawn Care to achieve its mission, we must...

Clean Air Lawn Care History

Tired of watching grass grow? Watch Clean Air Lawn Care grow. Three guys walked into a bar: A stockbroker, a tree-hugger, and Kelly Giard. Kelly Giard was in the market for a lawn mower and asked the stock broker what kind of mower he used. “I’ve got people that take...

Clean Air Lawn Care Partners

Black & Decker Black & Decker and Clean Air Lawn Care have a long-term partnership working together to develop innovative electric outdoor products. Black & Decker is the nation’s leader in manufacturing and marketing electric outdoor equipment that gets...

Clean Air Lawn Care Team

Kelly Giard – Founder & CEO View bio Nate Weigel – New Location Development & Franchise Support Emma Martens – Billing & Franchise Support Carey Smith – Logistics & Franchise Support John Armstrong, AICP – Chief Sustainability Officer & Franchise...

Clean Air Lawn Care Board of Directors

Kelly Giard Kelly Giard, founder and CEO of Clean Air Lawn Care, Inc was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Giard attended Boston University and earned a BA in Environmental Analysis and Policy, a BA in Economics, and a Masters in Economics (1996). At BU, Giard...

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Be Your Own Boss

Clean Air Lawn Care is the industry’s leader for sustainable and organic lawn care. With over 50 nation-wide franchises, Clean Air Lawn Care has made way since opening in 2006. The company has become a meaningful brand within each community it serves! We understand that demand for clean, organic services is growing. Because of this, we are spreading our seed to more locations across the country. This is a great opportunity for those who want to be their own boss and make a difference! To learn more about what it means to be a part of the Clean Air network, click here!

Learn About Project Dirtnap

Project Dirtnap has been introduced to help spread the word about carbon emissions and lawn care.  Clean Air Lawn Care owners are becoming citizen scientists; they are on a mission to prove the effects chemicals on the lawn and how a healthy lawn can reduce your carbon foot print. You can become a citizen scientist too, by joining Project Dirtnap DIY style. To learn more about Project Dirtnap and get involved, click here!

Receive Organic Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care is the nation’s leading full-service sustainable lawn care company. We provide lawn maintenance, organic treatment plans, and more! With Clean Air Lawn Care, you will receive the cleanest, healthiest lawn service available. Also, you will love that your lawn will always be safe for your family and pets. Organics, solar-powered mowers, and quality service are ways we ensure you have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood! To learn more about how Clean Air can serve you, click here!