It’s Time To Water Your Lawn

It’s Time To Water Your Lawn

Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte owner, Phil Haynes, was recently interviewed on FOX Charlotte about lawn care watering tips for the fall in the greater-Charlotte area, which is currently experiencing mild drought conditions.  

CHARLOTTE, N.C- PPhil Haynes, Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte, NCarts of the Charlotte area saw some rain today, but not enough to help our moderate drought. That has a lot of people still irrigating their newly seeded lawns.

Don Adams feels the drought, “I didn’t realize how severe it was. I have a little fish pond in my back yard and it’s kind of my water gauge and it’s quite low at the moment to the point where I’m going to have to start adding city water to it even though I don’t want to.”

Our moderate drought has homeowners pulling out their sprinklers. Anything you planted in the spring could be in danger because it hasn’t developed a deep rooted system yet.

The temperature outside is crucial. Don’t water your lawn when it’s below 40 degrees or when we have consecutive days below freezing.

Phil Haynes is the owner of Clean Air Lawn Care [Charlotte]. He recommends one inch of water for your lawn every 2-3 weeks, “Water between 10am and 2pm these are the warmest parts of even our chilliest days. You’re fine, the water will soak in the water will not be on the blade of grass or on the leaf of your shrub.”

If you’re not sure how long to run the sprinklers, Haynes says just grab a tuna can, ” The scientific way to do it is to put an empty tuna can if you have a zone put it out there in that zone. Let it water for 15 minutes and then you can actually measure how much you’re putting down.”

Original Story: It’s Time To Water Your Lawn
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