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Clean Air Lawn Care Jackson Hole provides environmentally friendly lawn care services to Jackson, Moose, Wilson, Driggs and all the communities in between. We provide full-service organic and electric lawn care to both residential and commercial properties. Learn more what safe, quiet organic and electric lawn care is all about by calling us at (307) 200-8828.

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All Electric Jackson Lawn Care Services

At Clean Air Lawn Care Jackson Hole, our sustainable lawn care practices begin with micro organisms in the soil and extend to the way we mow lawns. We have mounted solar panels on the roofs our trucks to power our equipment through out the day. Not only is our way of maintaining lawns good for our air quality, it is also around 75% quieter than other companies.

As mentioned, the way in which we mow a lawn is also sustainable. We mow high, edge vertically, and suggest aeration. The way we maintain your lawn help it to naturally keep weeds out and conserves water. Contact us to get your free lawn care estimate by filling out this form or calling (307) 200-8828!

Trout Friendly Lawns

Clean Air Lawn Care Jackson Hole has teamed up with the Jackson Hole Clean Water Coalition and several other local businesses to protect our waterways and native fishery with safe, healthy landscape practices. Thanks to our organic and sustainable approach to lawn care, Clean Air Lawn Care has been nurturing pet-, pollinator-, and trout-friendly lawns in Jackson Hole since 2011. Now you can officially certify your lawn and get a colorful trout sign to show for it! Certified Trout Friendly Lawns follow maintenance and landscape practices that keep our prized waterways clean and abundant wildlife healthy.

Kid and Pet Safe Fertilization Programs

Jackson Lawn Care Service

Clean Air Lawn Care’s goal is to build and maintain beautiful lawns using safe, environment and family-friendly methods. We have created treatment programs that can be customized to each lawn’s individual needs. We focus on feeding your soil, and it’s micro-organisms, to provide the grass roots the nutrition they need to grow longer and stay healthy.

Your lawn needs certain nutrients in order to thrive and chemicals that some companies use hinder the ability for your soil to absorb the good stuff you feed it. Our custom treatment programs feature a blend of microbe-rich soil builder that promotes healthy, long lasting growth of your grass.

The 5-step program – This organic fertilization program is best for well-maintained lawns that are mostly healthy and have not used chemicals in the past.

  1. Soil Builder
  2. Granular
  3. Soil Builder
  4. Liquid Fertilizer
  5. Granular

The 7-step program – This organic program is for lawns that may have some bare spots, brown spots, a few too many weeds or where chemicals have been applied in the past.

  1. Soil Builder
  2. Granular
  3. Soil Builder
  4. Liquid Fertilizer or Granular
  5. Soil Builder
  6. Liquid Fertilizer
  7. Granular

In addition to our lawns naturally keeping weeds out with a strong root system and lush grass, we have a natural, eco-friendly weed control option that is available with either program. Our organic lawn care system has been proven effective, ecologically sound, and safe for pets, children and wildlife. Learn more, here!

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