Landscaping Trends 2010

Landscaping trends for 2010: While many people are moving toward xeriscaping, most still want some lawn area for children to play on and for recreation. Where there are lawns, the trend is moving toward sustainable lawn care.

Clean Air Lawn Care is a lawn care service that is leading the movement toward sustainable lawn care. Through the use of electric lawn equipment, powered by renewable energy (there are solar panels on the trucks that keep the equipment charged throughout the day), there is a dramatic reduction in both noise and air pollution. Consider the following:

• 5-10% of the nation’s air pollution comes from gas powered lawn equipment.
• In one hour, one gas lawn mower can pollute as much as an SUV driven 23,600 miles.
• The company saves $10,000 a year on gas and spends less than $500 to charge the equipment through renewable energy.
• Electric lawn mowers cut noise emissions by 50%-75%.

Clean Air Lawn Care has also developed an organic lawn treatment program that eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, keeping runoff from entering waterways and keeping the lawn safe for children and pets. In addition, all grass clippings are either left on the lawn as mulch or composted along with the rest of the yard waste.

In May of this year, the company graced the cover of Turf Magazine, an indication that change is indeed coming to the lawn care industry. Noting the sustainable methods used by Clean Air Lawn Care, the magazine stated, “Clean Air may have a jump on competitors who are clinging to traditional techniques.”

Through the use of electric equipment powered by renewable energy, Clean Air Lawn Care removed 32,000 pounds of air pollution equaling over 1,000,000 vehicle miles in 2008. The positive impact of Clean Air Lawn Care’s business is parallel with growth. The company’s growth equals a larger reduction in national air pollution. Clean Air Lawn Care is starting a revolution in lawn care and changing the way America mows the lawn.

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