Lawn Care Franchise For Sale

Why Own a Green Lawn Care Franchise?

We’ve been an organic lawn care franchise for over a decade, and as you might imagine, we’ve learned quite a few things. One, of course, is how to deliver top-of-the-line, zero-emission, and organic lawn care. Another is that there are all kinds of successful franchise owners. From analytical to laid-back to boisterous to eccentric, successful business owners find success in all kinds of different ways. If you have the drive to be your own boss and the passion to run a green business that makes communities healthier with every service, then owning a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Clean Air Lawn Care Franchises For Sale from HQ

franchise ownerIf you’re looking for a green lawn care franchise for sale, you’ve found it. It doesn’t matter when or where we can support you in your green venture. Get in touch today to learn more about what it takes to become a franchise owner.

Some examples of metro areas that would be ideal locations for a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise include Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; Boise, ID; Louisville, KY; Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Philidelphia, PA; Nashville and Memphis, TN; Austin, Dallas & Houston, TX; Madison, WI — just to name a few. However, you don’t need to be located in a large metro area to open and run a lucrative, sustainable lawn care franchise. Towns of all sizes and suburbs are also great locations to open a Clean Air Lawn Care. As long as there’s a community of families with lawns that they want to enjoy without fear of toxic chemicals or air pollution, there’s a great opportunity for opening a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise.

Lawn Care Franchise For Sale in Omaha, NE

The Clean Air Lawn Care Omaha location needs a new owner! We have estimates coming in and people waiting to hire Clean Air for their lawn care needs. Customers and revenue are waiting for someone excited to grow this location. If you’re ready to take on an organic, sustainable lawn care business with huge potential for take-off, get in touch today!

Learn More About Owning a Franchise 

Clean Air Lawn Care Franchises For Sale By Owner

Want to own a lawn care franchise but don’t want to build it from the ground up? Every once in a while, a Clean Air Lawn Care owner will make the decision to sell their franchise and move on to the next big adventure. When that’s the case, we’ll list their franchise below so that you can get in touch with the owner to inquire.

In the cases below, the Clean Air Lawn Care HQ team cannot be involved with the buying or negotiation process between the existing owner and a prospective owner, but we can provide all the information you need about the business model itself. Feel free to schedule a call with us to discuss any questions you have about franchise ownership, business growth, and costs. However, you’ll need to get in touch with the owners below to discuss buying their territories or businesses.

Turnkey Franchise For Sale in Chapel Hill/Raleigh, NC

This is a rare opportunity! The owner of Clean Air Lawn Care Chapel Hill is selling his Clean Air Lawn Care franchise with all equipment, trucks, and customers included.  Jimmy is selling his profitable business to someone excited to continue the growth of the location. His location sees over $100K in annual revenue and has a lot of potential to grow. Estimates from customers wanting service in the area continue to excel each year. If you’re ready to own a thriving green business and bring sustainable lawn care to people in the Chapel Hill and Raleigh communities, get in touch with Clean Air Lawn Care HQ or the current owner, Jimmy Hunt, to get more information.

Franchise Territory For Sale in Portland, OR.

This is a franchise territory for sale by owner in Portland, OR. The owner, Aaron Marshall, will remain in business with his other territories but is looking to sell a territory that has existing customers.

Aaron is focusing on increasing customer density in his other territories while continuing to service customers in the available territory until he sells it to the new owner. The new owner has an opportunity to jump right into business with a solid foundation of customers as well as a strong local brand. Learn more about this lawn care franchise for sale in Portland here.

Contact us to learn more about franchise ownership and support, but please get in touch with Aaron directly to discuss purchasing the business.

Lawn Care Franchise For Sale in Marin County, CA

Located in Marin County, California, this existing Clean Air Lawn Care franchise has a history of providing well-reviewed service to high-end customers all over Marin County. You can find the listing and contact the owner here.

The owner, Mill Nash, saw a large fraction of his revenue in gardening as well as lawn maintenance, and the area is seeing a boom in interest in organic treatments. Contact us to learn more about franchise ownership and support, and please get in touch with Mill directly to discuss purchasing the business.