Leaf Blowers: A Landscaper’s Testimony

Leaf Blowers: A Landscaper’s Testimony

Many landscape company owners are deeply concerned about the impact of gas-powered landscape maintenance activities on health and well-being of their workers and the public. In his letter to town council officials, Steve Antos, owner of Setauket Landscape Design speaks about the excessive use of gas leaf blowers and suggests the use of electric and manual alternatives, including the rake.

Dear Supervisor Romaine and Council Men and Women,

As a member of the landscaping community, I own Setauket Landscape Design, I can speak to the fact that gas leaf blowers are overused, misused, and are often unnecessary.  Summer months in particular, have no need for gas blowers, yet one often sees multiple blowers on a single property.  How much force is needed to move a few grass clippings?  If landscapers feel the absolute need to blow, they can invest in commercial grade battery blowers which require no maintenance, don’t pollute, are a good investment, and certainly are much quieter.

Homeowners should also be conscious of the impact these gas powered machines have on their neighbors, themselves and environment. Using a manual rake and a broom is all you need to accomplish the task, and actually, holistically leads to a better finished result!  Raking out a lawn and garden bed actually stimulates, loosens, and improves the soil, grass, and planting areas, as well as the psychological and physiological well-being of the person doing the action.

By decreasing the use of unnecessary gas blower usage, we can reduce toxic emissions, provide a safer work environment for landscape workers, provide a more sustainable delivery of services, all which is are a win-win for residents, workers, neighborhoods and Mother Nature.

As a business owner and resident in your district, I strongly support any and all initiatives to restrict/ban the use of gas leaf blowers.


Steve Antos

Setauket Landscape Design

With thanks to Bonnie Sager, OD, Huntington CALM

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