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Clean Air Lawn Care Louisville is a full-service all electric and organic lawn care service. We cater to residential and small commercial properties in Oxmoor, St Matthews, Crescent Hill, Highlands and surrounding areas.

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Before and after Louisville lawn careKat and Lincoln, Owners of Clean Air Lawn Care Louisville, believe in sustainability and doing business in an environmentally friendly way. In addition to a solar-powered, all electric lawn care company, they also own a solar company that helps home owners begin using solar energy. They truly understand sustainability.

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Kid & Pet Safe Organic Fertilizations

You have an organic option for your Louisville lawn care needs. Expertise and experience help us understand the unique needs of each individual lawn. Each lawn has different soil, different grass types, and environment even in the same region. Because of this, we use custom organic lawn treatments to bring life to your soil and promote healthy, lush grass. Treatments include OMRI certified organic soil builders and fertilizers made by us. We ensure our customers’ lawns are getting the highest quality ingredients to feed the soil.

Traditional methods of lawn fertilization are wasteful. Lawns treated with these chemicals become addicted to them. They need more treatments and maintenance in order to keep (a usually pale) green color. Additionally, they are very harmful to the health of your lawn. More importantly, the chemicals these companies use are very harmful to you, your family, pets, pollinator and local waterways.

Our Treatment Programs

We have 2 different options for your base treatment and fertilization program, a 5-step and a 7-step. The 5-step fertilization program is for lawns that are pretty healthy. These lawns haven’t used chemicals in the past, they typically have few weeds and are generally in good shape. The 7-step treatment program is for lawns that may be thin or have bare spots, have used chemicals, and/or may have a lot of weeds.


Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Organic Granular Fertilizer | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Clean Air Organic Liquid Fertilizer | Organic Granular Fertilizer


Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Organic Granular Fertilizer | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Clean Air Organic Liquid Fertilizer or Organic Granular Fertilizer | Organic Granular Fertilizer | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Clean Air Organic Liquid Soil Builder | Organic Granular Fertilizer

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Solar-Powered Mowing & Lawn Maintenance

As mentioned, our equipment is electric! That means that your services are clean, emissions-free and quiet. In fact, our services are 75% quieter than traditional gas mowing crews. You and your neighbors may not even hear us working. The quiet aspect of our services is always appreciated, but our services are also clean and do not produce toxic fumes and other carcinogens. Did you know that small gas-powered engines produce 5-10 percent of pollution in the US every year? We are saving 183 pounds of pollution per average lawn each year by using our electric equipment and powering it by solar-panels atop our vehicles. What else makes a Louisville lawn care company sustainable? Our lawn maintenance is performed in a way that helps to conserve water. In addition, we mow high and vertically trim edges to help lawns grow more lush and naturally keep weeds out.

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Other Louisville Lawn Care Services

  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation consultation
  • Compost application
  • Organic weed control
  • Organic pest control
  • Shrub or hedge trimming
  • Seasonal yard clean up
  • Garden bed maintenance