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Clean Air Lawn Care Loveland provides safe, quiet, environmentally friendly lawn care services to Loveland, Windsor and Greeley communities. We provide high quality full-service organic and electric lawn care to residential and small commercial properties.

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Our sustainable practices start with our solar-powered, all-electric lawn care equipment in Loveland, Greeley, Windsor and even Boulder. Small gas-powered engines produce 5-10% of pollution in the US every year. The EPA advises that there are terrible health side-effects of exhaust emissions. These can range from mild to very serious. We love the scent of fresh cut grass and not toxic fumes. Because of this, we do things different. We have solar panels on the roofs our trucks that power our equipment. We us all electric equipment powered by the sun! This way, we can recharge our equipment while we work each day. Not only is our way of maintaining lawns good for our air quality, it is also around 75% quieter than other companies. Your neighbors will love that, too!

In addition to our electric lawn service, we also maintain our properties using sustainable methods. We mow high, edge vertically, and suggest aeration. The way we maintain your lawn help it to naturally keep weeds out and conserves water. Contact us to get your free lawn care estimate by filling out this form or calling (970) 685-7163!

Kid and Pet Safe Fertilization 

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We use all OMRI certified, organic fertilizers and soil builders that are custom for  Colorado lawns. Our products are even made here in our state by a Clean Air Lawn Care expert. We focus on feeding your soil to provide grass roots the nutrition they need to grow longer and stay healthy. We understand that soil and grass types can vary greatly, even between neighbors. But. with our expertise and years of experience we treat each lawn based on soil, grass type environment and the needs of the  home or business owner.

We use custom organic lawn treatments to to feed the micro-biology of your soil to provide optimal root growth. Furthermore, we use mycorrhizae to build great root structure. From there, we ensure the proper nutrients for lush, green grass. When your grass becomes lush, the weeds don’t stand a chance. 

Clean Air Lawn Care is a Loveland lawn care company that provides services that are good for both your family and tour planet. We are a family run business who cares for your family (yes the furry members too) too!

We have 2 different options for your base treatment and fertilization program, a 5-step and a 7-step. The 5-step fertilization program is for lawns that are pretty healthy. These lawns haven’t used chemicals in the past, they typically have few weeds and are generally in good shape. The 7-step treatment program is for lawns that may be thin or have bare spots, have used chemicals, and/or may have a lot of weeds.

In addition to our lawns naturally keeping weeds out with a strong root system and lush grass, we have a natural, eco-friendly weed control option that is available with either program.

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Other Loveland Lawn Care Services

  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation consultation
  • Compost application
  • Organic weed control
  • Shrub or hedge trimming
  • Seasonal yard clean up
  • Garden bed maintenance