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Clean Air Lawn Care Marietta is an electric and organic lawn care service for residential and small commercial properties in Marietta, Sandy Springs and other surrounding neighborhoods in the northwest Atlanta area. Owner Seth Wiersma and his professional crew offer sustainable, organic lawn care services that create a more safe and clean environment with these communities.

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All Electric and Truly Organic Marietta Lawn Care Services

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Our organic lawn care service is an environmentally safe alternative to conventional lawn care that makes neighborhoods safer for pets, kids and wildlife. Using an organic lawn care approach for your Sandy springs or Marietta lawn is the best way to achieve a well-balanced lawn. You don’t have to mess having  harmful chemicals on your property or toxic gas emissions from a traditional lawn services equipment. Putting chemicals on your lawn is only masking problem symptoms in your lawn to gain short-term results. We care for our customers’ lawns by providing proper nutrition and ability to use it, feeding the mico-organisms that help keep soil healthy, and maintain the grass to better keep weeds out and grow lush.

Did you know that many lawns, even in a small area, have different soil, weeds and grass types? Expertise and experience help us understand the unique needs of each lawn we service. We use custom OMRI certified organic lawn treatments to bring life to your soil and promote healthy grass. Thanks to our proven organic and sustainable lawn care approach, we can bring you the healthiest, and most beautiful grass in the Marietta area. Contact us now to get your FREE estimate by filling out this form or call us at 678-827-9886.

lawn mowing MariettaClean Air Lawn Marietta provides organic lawn services that are healthy for your family and the environment. Small gas-powered engines produce up to 10% of pollution in the US every year per the EPA. Furthermore, lawn chemicals leach into local waterways and have harmful side-effects to people and animals. Traditional lawn maintenance methods are both wasteful and harmful.

That is where we come in and do it differently! We have mounted solar panels on all Clean Air Lawn Care vehicles to give us the opportunity to recharge our electric lawn care equipment while we work. Lawn treatment programs include organic soil builders with natural weed control and organic fertilization options. We approach lawn feeding lawns and maintaining them without emissions or chemicals. The way we do thing creates both longevity in your lawn and keeps it looking beautiful.

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Sandy Springs & Marietta Lawn Care Services

Solar-Powered, Electric Mowing and Maintenance

Clean Air Lawn Care is a truly sustainable lawn care company. When we come to your yard, you’ll notice that we use solar panels mounted on our vehicles to power our electric equipment. All of our mowers, blowers and trimmers operate using clean energy from the sun. It is time to say good-bye to gas-powered lawn equipment that is known for high air pollution, noise and smell. Our electric equipment is quiet, odorless and does not pollute the air with harmful emissions. Learn more about our approach to sustainable lawn care here.

Organic Lawn Treatment Programs


the 5-step program is the basic treatment plan that is suitable for any lawn. This lawn fertilization program is best for lawns that are in pretty good shape. Your lawn may need a boost or maybe you are hoping to have it stay green longer. If you are also looking for natural, safe weed control options we can add it in.


If your lawn is struggling, has thin, bare or brown spots, or a big weed problem, this is the treatment plan that would be best for you. The 7-step program is also best if your lawn has been treated with chemicals in the past. Like the basic program, we can add in additional kid and pet safe, natural weed control.

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