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Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte is an electric and organic lawn care service for residential and small commercial properties in the Charlotte area. The Charlotte-based owners, Kevin and Heather, proudly service Mathews, Mint Hill, Pineville, Stallings, Indian Trail, Wesley Chapel, and Weddington neighborhoods, as well as Waxhaw, NC. The Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte crew of professional lawn techs offer sustainable, organic lawn care that makes communities safer and healthier for pets, kids and wildlife.

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Truly Sustainable and Organic Lawn Care in Charlotte

Our organic lawn care service in Charlotte are an environmentally safe alternative to conventional lawn care. It makes neighborhoods safer for pets, kids and wildlife. Using an organic lawn care approach for your Charlotte lawn is the best way to achieve a healthy and well-balanced lawn without harmful chemicals and toxic gas fumes. Because traditional lawn practices mask problem systems in a lawn, the grass is only benefited short-term. Homeowners must use chemicals more often further damaging the lawn. It is great when organic practices are used, you need fewer applications, and are not exposing friends, family and wild life to toxins. This organic movement is spreading in demand throughout our country as consumer education and awareness leads to concern about lawn chemical side-effects.

Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte is a lawn care company founded on the idea that what’s better for the environment is also better for your family. By choosing sustainable lawn care you are investing not only the health of your pets and family but our planet as a whole. We bring sustainable lawn care practices to Charlotte with solar-powered lawn mowers and organic fertilizer treatment. We work with the unique needs of your yard to bring you the healthiest and freshest grass in Charlotte. Get in touch with us now about Charlotte lawn care by filling out our Estimate Form

We provide organic lawn care in Charlotte that is healthy for your family and the environment. Because they aren’t regulated like cars and trucks, small gas-powered engines produce up to 10% of pollution in the US every year. Furthermore, lawn chemicals leach into local waterways and have harmful side-effects on people and animals. Traditional methods of lawn maintenance are both wasteful and harmful.

Because we care about making a difference, we do it differently! That’s why we mounted solar panels on all Clean Air Lawn Care trucks, giving us the opportunity to recharge our electric equipment while we work. Lawn treatment programs from Clean Air include organic soil builders with natural weed control and organic fertilization options. We approach lawn maintenance in Charlotte without emissions or chemicals. It’s a great way of showing that we truly care about the longevity and beauty of your lawn.

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Charlotte lawn care

Charlotte Lawn Care Services

Solar-Powered Mowing and Maintenance

Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte is a truly sustainable lawn care company. When we come to your yard, you’ll notice that we use solar panels mounted on our trucks to power our equipment. All of our mowers, blowers and trimmers operate using clean, renewable energy. Gas-powered lawn equipment is notorious for its terrible air pollution, noise and smell. Our electric equipment is safer than gas-powered equipment because they are quiet, odorless and do not pollute the air with harmful emissions. Learn more about our approach to sustainable lawn care here.

Organic Lawn Treatment Programs and Weed Control for Charlotte Lawns

With extensive fertilization throughout the year, you can have the most luscious lawn in your entire neighborhood! Below is our basic organic lawn fertilization plan. We specialize in making sure your lawn care is custom to it’s needs. Because of that, we can discuss adding our organic weed control program or adjusting treatments for your unique lawn.

Application Recommendations:

  1. Soil Builder
  2. Granular
  3. Soil Builder
  4. Liquid Fertilizer or Granular
  5. Soil Builder
  6. Liquid Fertilizer
  7. Granular

Ask about eco-friendly weed control options!

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Other Lawn Care Services offered in Charlotte

  • Yard clean up
  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation consultation
  • Compost application
  • Local organic pest control

About The Clean Air Lawn Care Charlotte Owners

Both Kevin and Heather worked in the corporate world for years and dreamed of owning their own business.  Because Kevin, Heather, and their son love spending time outdoors playing football, camping, riding bikes, hiking and kayaking, it made sense to become Clean Air Lawn Care owners.

Prior to having a child, they didn’t give much thought to the chemicals they were using to keep their grass green but watching a child play in grass that was treated with dangerous chemicals changed their mind about what should be applied to lawns. Today Kevin and Heather try to maintain an organic lifestyle going beyond grass. They are making strides to do what they can to keep the air and soil clean.

Kevin and Heather are thrilled to have this opportunity with Clean Air Lawn Care to make changes beyond their yard and into the yards of others. Their team will make every effort to make sure you are happy with your lawn and they will do it using environmentally friendly methods.

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