Organic Lawn Care Conserves Resources

Organic lawn care systems are all about the conservation of our earth’s resources.  From the wind credits we use to charge our equipment at night to the renewable power that we harness from the sun, Clean Air Lawn Care is focused on reducing our carbon footprint through the use of alternative energy.

Water Conservation & Preservation

Organic Lawn Care Resource ConservationAs far as water conservation goes, Clean Air Lawn Care will help you determine the right grass for your area so you spend less money wasting water on grass that doesn’t want to grow in your climate.  It’s also pivotal that you make sure that your water is reaching the correct areas of your lawn and not seeping off into the street or rinsing off your driveway.  This is why we offer an optional irrigation maintenance service as part of our organic lawn care program.

Another important factor that goes into organic lawn care is the preservation of water.  Traditional lawn care chemicals pollute waterways through unnecessary runoff.  This means that pesticides are contaminating lakes, streams and rivers.  Not only have studies proven that traditional lawn care chemicals harm aquatic ecosystems, but because our drinking water comes from these outlets, there is evidence that household tap water is also contaminated. If you choose organic lawn care, you won’t have to worry about infecting our earth’s waterways because chemicals are a big no-no

Resource Conservation

We practice resource conservation in many different ways. By using organic fertilizer, Clean Air Lawn Care is not only bolstering the health of the soil, but we also use it as a refusal to waste fossil fuels that make up traditional synthetic fertilizers.  Organic lawn care also encourages recycling within its system.  Grass clippings are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center after mowing.  Lastly, it’s important to consider how much energy is wasted on mowing lawns each year.  The EPA claims that 1 hour, 1 lawn mower pollutes the same amount as 40 late model cars, emits hydrocarbons equal to an SUV driven 23,600 miles and contributes 93 times more smog forming emissions than 2006 model cars.  To curb these disturbing statistics, Clean Air Lawn Care uses electric lawn mowers which don’t release any emissions.  By using electric mowers, we’re able to mow high and mow often without harming the environment, which is an integral and necessary practice of organic lawn care.

Environmental Preservation

Right along with resource conservation, organic lawn care is concerned with environmental preservation.  By using electric equipment that runs off of solar and wind power, Clean Air Lawn Care is able to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into our atmosphere, therefore combating global warming one lawn at a time.