Organic Lawn Care St Louis

Clean Air Lawn Care St Louis is a full-service sustainable and organic lawn care service for residential and small commercial properties in Brentwood, Clayton, Crestwood, Kirkwood, St. Louis, University City, Webster Groves, and surrounding areas in Mid-County St. Louis, Missouri.

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Electric and Organic Lawn Care in Saint Louis

Using an organic lawn care approach for your St Louis lawn is the best way to achieve a well-balanced lawn without the harmful chemicals and toxic gas fumes that results from a traditional lawn service. These chem-lawn providers are masking deeper problem symptoms in your lawn to gain short-term results.  Our St. Louis-based organic lawn care service is an environmentally safe alternative that makes residential neighborhoods in St. Louis, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Crestwood, Maplewood, and Brentwood safer for everyone. This natural movement is spreading in demand throughout our country as consumer education and awareness leads to concern about lawn chemical side-effects.

Did you know that many lawns in St. Louis have different soil, weeds and grass types? Expertise and experience help Bradley and his crew understand the unique needs of every lawn in the St. Louis area. We use custom organic lawn treatments to bring life to your soil and promote healthy, lush grass. Thanks to our tried-and-true approach to organic lawn care, we can bring you the healthiest grass in the St. Louis area. Contact us now to get your FREE estimate by filling out this form or calling (314) 474-0028!

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Clean Air Lawn Care St. Louis provides organic lawn services that are healthy for your family and the environment. Small gas-powered engines produce 5-10 percent of pollution in the US every year. Furthermore, lawn chemicals and synthetic fertilizers leak into local waterways and have harmful side-effects to people and animals. Traditional methods of lawn maintenance are both wasteful and harmful. Because we care about making a difference, we do it differently! That’s why we mounted solar panels on all Clean Air Lawn Care trucks, giving us the opportunity to recharge our solar-powered lawn mowers while we work. Lawn treatment programs from Clean Air include organic soil builders with natural weed control and organic fertilization options. We approach lawn maintenance in St. Louis without emissions or chemicals. It’s a great way of showing that we truly care about the longevity and beauty of your lawn.

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Solar-Powered Mowing and Maintenance

Clean Air Lawn Care St. Louis is a truly sustainable lawn care company. When we come to your yard, you’ll notice that we use solar panels mounted on our trucks to power our equipment. All of our mowers, blowers and trimmers operate using clean, renewable energy. Gas-powered lawn equipment is notorious for its high air pollution, noise and smell. Our electric equipment is safer than gas-powered equipment because they are quiet, odorless and do not pollute the air with harmful emissions. Learn more about our approach to sustainable lawn care here.

Organic Lawn Treatment Programs


The basic all-organic treatment plan is suitable for any lawn. This program is best for lawns that have not been treated with chemicals before. If your lawn is in pretty good shape, this is the program for you.


If your lawn needs some extra TLC, this is the all-organic treatment program it needs. Lawns that have been treated with chemicals in the past, those with thin or bare spots or big weed issues should have the 7-step program.

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Other Lawn Care Services offered in St. Louis

  • Bush Trimming, Shrub Pruning
  • Commercial Lawn Care
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Mulching
  • Overseeding
  • Thatching
  • Topdressing

About The Clean Air Lawn Care St. Louis Owners

franchise ownersOur lawn care professionals in STL are highly experienced and passionate about the environment. Craig Martin was born and raised in central Missouri and returned to the Show-Me State in 2004. Growing up near the Ozarks, Craig has always had a passion for being outside and being surrounded by clean air and towering trees.

Stints in Arkansas and North Carolina only further cemented his appreciation for the environment and our natural surroundings. The moment Clean Air Lawn Care became a possibility, Craig leaped at the opportunity and brings his excitement about clean, quiet, sustainable lawn care to St. Louis.

Shortly after arriving in town, Craig began working in the pallet and crate industry as an inspector. It was there he rediscovered a drive to be a better steward of our resources, and he takes pride in being connected to an industry that has worked over the past couple decades to promote forest growth and better sustainable practices to utilize lumber and wood. With Clean Air Lawn Care, Craig now takes that a step further and brings those sustainable, organic practices to homes and neighborhoods throughout the St. Louis area.

Craig loves volunteering at City Academy where his two children attend school, including working to lead the Cub Scout pack and motivate the boys to get active and experience the outdoors. As a former sportswriter and husband to Katie Felts who spent nearly 20 years as a sports broadcaster, Craig and his family are never too far removed from the sports world, whether that be watching the Cardinals or kicking the ball around the back yard.

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