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We Have Growing Healthy Grass Organically Down to a Science

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Clean Air Lawn Care is a sustainable lawn care franchise that lines up perfectly with the ideals and business standards of green entrepreneurs looking to start a sustainable, green business. Not only do we offer top-of-the-line organic lawn care services to people all over the country, but we also provide a turnkey business model to entrepreneurs looking to be their own boss and start a positive cash flow business quickly.

Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners’ mission is to create beautiful lawns that are safe for pets, children, and waterways. They offer a complete package of organic lawn care services, which we’ll outline below.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care owners offer homeowners an organic lawn care service that focuses on the overall health of their little slice of paradise. The synthetic, inorganic lawn treatments traditional lawn care companies use cause serious harm to pets, people, wildlife and soil. With an effective organic lawn care approach, you improve the health of the lawn and the local ecosystem.

Pet-friendly, kid-friendly, wildlife-friendly, and earth-friendly lawn care starts with an organic approach to grass lawn health. Clean Air Lawn Care customers find that the biggest benefit of using our organic lawn care service (other than a beautiful lawn, of course) is the fact that their pets and children can go out to run and play on their lawn without worrying about the health effects of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic lawn care is safe and effective. Pets and family can go out to enjoy the lawn immediately after treatment – no waiting or worrying involved!

Organic Lawn Care Products

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High-quality organic lawn care starts with the soil. Traditional lawn services use harsh, unsafe fertilizers and pesticides that are just as hard on the soil as they are on the ecosystem. Instead of using harsh chemicals that deplete soil health, we effectively nurture lawns with organic lawn fertilizer and soil builder. We also utilize effective organic weed control measures to stop weeds in their tracks.

Clean Air Lawn Care’s services include organic lawn care products and treatments that we make in-house to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. To further increase the effectiveness of our products, we customize our Clean Air formulas to best suit the different soil types across the country. So, every franchise owner across the country is set up with the best organic treatment products for his unique area!

Here’s some detailed information about the unique organic products that Clean Air Lawn Care owners use to maintain a green, lush and healthy lawn:

Clean Air Liquid Fertilizer (organic lawn fertilizer) is an organic, non-GMO base and is fully customizable to the location in which it will be used. The organic fertilizer base is high in organic compounds that are comprised primarily of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. These are the essential elements that form the building blocks for proteins. Amino acids serve as a food source for beneficial soil microbes. Our liquid organic lawn fertilizer directly feeds the soil so that the lawn grows healthy and strong. It improves soil structure and drainage and creates oxygen conditions essential to improve soil and grass health. Plus, we target mineral deficiencies based upon your local soil needs.

Clean Air Soil Builder (our in-house organic soil builder) is designed to generate beneficial soil microbes and make nutrients more readily available for a healthy, robust lawn. It stimulates root growth, increases carbohydrate production, enhances soil microbial activity, increases nutrient uptake in plants, and increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. Plus, we build beneficial mycorrhizae into our applications, which decreases watering needs, increases phosphorus absorption, improves soil structure, increases root development, and reduces fertilizer use and pesticide usage. All of this adds up to enhance grass root and blade development – and encourage a green, lush, healthy lawn.


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Mow at the Ideal Grass Height

mowing organic lawnAnother crucial aspect of effective organic lawn care is simply how the lawn is maintained through proper mowing practices. Our franchise owners mow at a high setting because “mowing high” has been proven to set the stage for grass to grow lush, green and weed-free. Longer grass length directly contributes to better lawn and soil health.

There are many advantages to mowing high (3” or higher). First of all, weeds are dramatically reduced in a tall, lush lawn.  Sunlight cannot easily reach the soil surface and weed seeds struggle to germinate.  A tall, thick lawn also competes with established weeds, eventually choking them out. Taller grass also means that the soil is shaded, which improves soil moisture retention.  Drought effects on the lawn will take longer to notice and overall water consumption will be less.

Finally, tall grass blades have more surface area, which means increased overall photosynthesis.  Increased photosynthesis results in more plant growth, a more extensive root system, and a healthier plant.  Deep roots are key to a lush healthy lawn. By the way, did you know that longer grass actually looks greener? Since there is more surface area in the grass blades, lawns look lush and green when they are cut at 2.5” or higher.

Leaving Grass Clippings and Frequent Mowing

Clean Air Lawn Care owners do everything they can to simplify lawn care for their customers, and leaving grass clippings on the lawn is one of the easiest ways to promote soil and grass health. When grass clippings are mulched and left on the lawn (instead of bagged), you return precious nutrients and moisture back to the soil.

Finally, mowing frequency is the final piece in the successful organic lawn care puzzle. Research shows that for a healthy lawn, you should never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. When you cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade, you stress the plant and cause damage to the lawn. Clean Air Lawn Care owners recommend a once-a-week mow schedule that ensures the perfect amount of grass is being cut for optimal lawn health.

An Organic Lawn Care Franchise is Sustainable Economically and Environmentally

The great thing about a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise is that it attracts high-quality customers who value the environment and appreciate clean, quiet, electric lawn maintenance. Owners build their business with predictable, regular mowing and treatment schedules. No matter what happens economically, we know the grass will always grow and need maintenance. Clean Air Lawn Care owners have very high customer renewal rates from year to year, resulting in a consistent business that generates steady cash flow, year over year.

If you’re interested in learning more about Clean Air Lawn Care’s approach to sustainable lawn care and sustainable business model, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.


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