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Why Join Clean Air Lawn Care?

The Clean Air Lawn Care Advantage

Clean Air Lawn Care has an advantage because we’re already ahead of the curve. We’ve learned from common mistakes, we’ve nearly perfected our system of sustainable and organic lawn care, and we’re on top of new technological trends and green methods. That’s why residential and commercial customers continue to employ us to maintain their lawns and why we’ve had such success in operating lawn care franchises across the country. This isn’t to discredit other lawn care companies who are exhibiting sustainable interest, but in comparison with Clean Air Lawn Care they generally falter in terms of the vastness of their environmental stewardship. From our solar-powered equipment to our organic fertilization and composting system, Clean Air Lawn Care has taken an innovative spin on traditional lawn care, prompted by the desire to make a difference ‘from the ground up.’

Lawn Care Market Competition

Clean Air Lawn Care is the front runner and the original pioneer of sustainable lawn care. Having been in business since 2006, we’ve consistently challenged our competition by providing services that supersede any others. We implement fully renewable practices and truly care about the health of our environment and the communities in which we live.

Truly Sustainable Lawn Care

solar powered lawn equipmentMany lawn care companies will sell a spiel about how they’re “sustainable” and “green,” yet when put to the test they’re just using the term to attract customers without actually walking the walk. From our solar-powered lawn mowers to our organic fertilization treatment program, we actively practice renewable, sustainable and organic lawn care with every step. It wasn’t easy pioneering sustainable lawn care, we’ve had many tribulations along the way, but because of that we were forced to perfect our system, and now everyone else is struggling to keep up in our renewable wake.

Superior People and Sustainable Practices

Anyone could hire a guy with a truck and a mower to work on their lawn, but with Clean Air Lawn Care, you’re employing experts who are passionate, considerate, and most importantly, trustworthy. Our equipment won’t pollute your neighborhood (audibly or physically), pets or children won’t be banned from the lawn after we’ve finished fertilizing, and customers have the chance to ask questions and learn from our knowledgeable employees during their visit. Superior people are the best compliment to sustainable practices, and Clean Air Lawn Care has the best of both.

Clean Air Lawn Care is a pioneer in sustainable and organic lawn care.

We are a sustainable and organic lawn care franchise headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. Most of our franchise owners chose to open their own Clean Air Lawn Care because they wanted to be their own boss, start a lucrative company, own a socially and environmentally responsible business, and work outside. Sound appealing? Continue reading to learn more about this rewarding organic lawn care franchise!

The Lucrative Organic Lawn Care Industry

The lawn care industry sees a steady increase in profits and sales nearly every year. According to the 2018 Landscaping Services Industry Report, the landscape services industry has annual revenues of $93 billion, employs more than 1 million people and represents 513,305 businesses. And, according to the State of the Industry Report, one of the top concerns for these businesses is the rising impact of regulations on equipment noise/pollution and pesticide/fertilizer use. These regulations, combined with a growing public awareness of the impacts of lawn equipment pollution and synthetic, non-organic lawn treatments is fueling the strong growth of sustainable and organic lawn care companies. Customers are requesting clean, sustainable and organic lawn care, and Clean Air Lawn Care is the only lawn care franchise that can deliver.

Zero-Emission Lawn Care Equipment

What sets Clean Air Lawn Care apart from other franchises is our commitment to the environment and our inventive wealth of resources. Our trucks, for instance, have solar panels mounted on them that absorb energy from the sun and subsequently charge our equipment. Besides their sleek appearance, the electric-powered mowers save the environment from emissions like carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides. In fact, conventional walk-behind mowers emit as much pollution per hour as 11 cars. So every time we maintain a lawn, we are doing so in an environmentally respectful way. As an eco-friendly franchise, it’s our mission to help the Earth and give customers the most luscious lawn in the neighborhood.

Why buying a franchise is the best choice when it comes to running a lawn care business.

Starting a lawn care business can be tough and whether or not you choose to purchase an existing company or buying a franchise, it’s going to be hard work. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with the investment you make. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the option that will give you the most profitable return with the lowest risk. Keep in mind that the success rate for a franchise is higher than that of a locally owned small business. Products and equipment are standard, training is provided, the brand image is established, and the company’s name is well-known within the industry. A franchise will only be successful if its branches are; therefore it’s vital that the parent company provide the owners with every tool for success. When starting a lawn care business, choose to buy a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise. You won’t regret it.

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