Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Green Franchise

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Green Franchise

The green industry is growing steadily, and there’s no end in sight. Savvy entrepreneurs and passionate environmental advocates alike know that owning an eco-friendly business is often a very rewarding business venture — both financially and personally.  But many entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure where to start when they consider how to open their own green business, and how to be sure that it succeeds in the years to come. That’s where owning a green franchise comes in. When you own a green franchise, you enjoy the benefits of business ownership as well as the benefits of an experienced support team and brand. But that’s just the beginning.

Benefits of Owning a Green Franchise

Whether you’re a first-time business owner or an experienced entrepreneur, owning a green franchise makes the most sense when it comes to approaching the work of getting your own eco-friendly business off the ground and making a positive impact. Why? Well, there’s a variety of reasons why you can make the biggest impact with an eco-friendly franchise, like Clean Air Lawn Care, but we’ll cover the top five here.

Feeling Confident In Your Business Approach

solar-powered franchiseIt’s undeniable that the hardest thing for new business owners is getting their business idea off the ground and then creating a lasting, successful company out of it. Many entrepreneurs are well aware of the risk that they take on with a new business venture. However opening a franchise is a proven way to decrease your start-up risk substantially.

Franchises have much higher success rates than startups thanks to the proven business model, branding and support franchisees get from the franchisor. As Clean Air Lawn Care founder and CEO, Kelly Giard, says, “early success translates to continued success,” and opening a franchise is one way to ensure the early success of your business venture. When you own a green franchise, you can be confident that your approach as a business owner will lead to continued success.

Plus, when your company is actively working to make the world a better place through green practices, products or services, that’s a major confidence boost, too. This confidence inevitably translates to a deep passion for your work that can be hard to come by in the job market.

Having Passion for Your Work

Can you answer “what am I working for?” with confidence and contentment? When you own a franchise that actively makes the world a healthier place, you know that the work you do makes a difference. And when you know that the work you do makes a difference, you work harder and happier thanks to that passion for your cause.

Owning a green franchise makes business owners’ lives better by allowing them to make good money, work hard and run a business with passion and contentment. Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners, for instance, often start their franchise with a focus on the benefits of steady cash flow and business ownership, but then come to realize that their favorite part about owning their franchise is the rewarding nature of their work. Business owners who are truly focused on eco-friendly enterprises will inevitably have a passion for their work that grows stronger as they witness their positive impact on their community and the world.

Taking an Active Role in Change

sustainable lawn care festivalIf you own a green franchise that is truly green, or eco-friendly, you will see and hear about the positive effects of your work every day. Your impact is especially clear if you own a business that works directly with your community. You will come face-to-face with the people who you are helping and the neighborhoods that you are making healthier. There’s nothing more motivating or more fulfilling than seeing positive change happening right before your very eyes — and all thanks to you!

Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners, for instance, make their community safer for children, pets and wildlife with each and every lawn they mow and treat organically. They know that they are increasing awareness and access to organic and sustainable lawn care as well as growing beautiful lawns that kids and pets can play on without fear of various health hazards. The organic lawn treatments they use are not only good for the soil but for the environment, too. Their solar-powered electric mowers greatly reduce local air pollution and emissions (of which gas-powered mowers are huge contributors).

Running a business that is successful at growing and earning revenue as well as changing the world for the better is incredibly rewarding in a myriad of ways.

Being a Part of a Positive Community

green franchise communityOwning a green franchise makes you a part of a variety of communities that provide support and camaraderie for the long haul. When you become a green business owner, you are a part of the “green” or “sustainable” community and will likely become more interested and involved in certain environmental or social issues. Many of our owners, for instance, become more interested in learning about protecting the pollinators, waterways and wildlife in their community. Through their education on these topics, they meet new people and gain more support in their business venture.

Plus, when you own a franchise, you instantly join a community of franchisees. This may have a bigger impact on the new owner in some franchises than others. In some franchise systems, the franchisee community may not communicate or help each other much, but for others, like Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners, this community is a big benefit. Franchisees help each other succeed by answering questions, offering solutions and bringing some good humor into the mix.

Furthermore, most franchises offer a support system that guides owners through the start-up process and then provides support for marketing, billing and business strategy. Franchisors often offer advice on some of the hardest business questions, like how to strike the right balance of saving financial resources and investing in growth. Good franchise support teams (like ours) focus on helping owners  grow their business quickly and sustainably. This built-in business support team becomes a big part of your community and work network, which is a priceless perk for any business owner.

Enjoying a Fulfilling Career

Finally, all of these benefits fit together to create the most powerful advantage of all — a career that perfectly marries financial success with personal fulfillment and integrity. It’s a wonderful thing when growing your business results in a growing salary for you as well as a healthier community. The green industry is on the rise, and owning a green franchise, in particular, has proven to be a smart business and investment choice.

Consumers and homeowners care more about the environment now than they ever have before. Organic food sales are jumping, consumers are becoming more educated about the impacts of their purchases, and most Americans will tell you that they think taking care of the environment is important. We are entering a time of a very environmentally and socially aware customer. This is a great thing for the green industry — and the planet! It means that green entrepreneurs and environmentally concerned business owners can both make a positive impact on the world and make a successful living by owning a green business. Owning a green franchise is an even  better bet, since you have the support of an experienced team as well as a tried-and-true business model to work from.

Are you ready to own a business, make a living and make a difference? We’d love to help! Get in touch or apply to become a franchise owner today.

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