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Safe, Effective, and Pet-Friendly Lawn Care

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All Clean Air Lawn Care services are 100% pet-friendly and safe for dogs, cats, kids and wildlife. We use a pet-safe fertilizer and soil builder that increase the health of grass without harming the health of the people and pets who enjoy it. Our franchisees make their communities healthier, safer places by providing customers with lush, green lawns that don’t put pets at risk.

Clean Air Lawn Care offers the best of both worlds — a healthy lawn and a healthy pet.

Why use pet-friendly lawn products? A variety of studies tell us that non-organic, synthetic lawn chemicals aren’t safe for pets. Conventional lawn care companies are using harsh chemicals that put pets, children, and wildlife at risk. They put the health of communities at risk every time they spray a lawn. The health of animals, people, and communities is of the utmost importance to Clean Air Lawn Care owners and employees; that’s why we only use pet-friendly lawn care products.

Providing effective, organic lawn care that’s also pet-friendly is a great source of pride for Clean Air Lawn Care owners. Continue reading to learn more about why traditional lawn chemicals are unsafe for pets, and what kind of pet-safe lawn care products Clean Air Lawn Care owners use to ensure effective pet-friendly lawn care.

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Conventional Lawn Pesticides and Pets: An unsafe combination

Dog on a pet friendly lawn

We hear a lot of stories about pets and wildlife being harmed after exposure to lawn chemicals. One of the many reasons why more and more customers look to us for lawn care is their increased understanding of how harmful conventional lawn fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides actually are. Homeowners come to us because they know they can trust that they are getting organic, pet-friendly lawn care that is safe and effective.

On top of the many anecdotes, there are scientific studies that have found a direct link between lawn care chemicals and the deteriorated health of pets. Studies published in 2012 and 1991 both found a significant link between lawn chemicals and cancer in dogs. In fact, dogs with malignant cancer were 70% more likely to be from homes where owners used chemical insecticides. Both studies came to the conclusion that the use of conventional lawn care chemicals is likely to increase the risk of Canine malignant lymphoma.

A study published in 2013 showed that herbicides can be detected in dog’s urine after lawn treatment, proving that the chemicals do make their way into pets’ systems after they are used on the lawn. The appearance of these harmful chemicals in dogs’ urine explains why exposure to herbicide-treated lawns is known to be associated with higher bladder cancer risk in dogs. The information is clear — pesticides and pets aren’t a safe combination. Conventional lawn chemicals have been proven time and time again to be harmful to pets.

We know it’s hard to think about, but it’s important to consider the harm these chemicals cause children, as well. Clean Air Lawn Care isn’t just a solid business choice for green entrepreneurs. It’s a social and ethical choice for family members.

When franchise owners open a Clean Air Lawn Care in their community, they are taking an active part in making that community safer, healthier and greener.

Pet-Safe Lawn Care Products

Our approach to pet-friendly lawn care is simple, safe, and effective. All Clean Air Lawn Care owners use a pet-safe lawn fertilizer and soil builder to maintain green, healthy lawns throughout their community. These pet-friendly lawn care products are made right here at Clean Air Lawn Care HQ to ensure that they are of the highest quality and effectiveness. They’re even customized to better suit the region in which they’ll be used.

Clean Air Lawn Care franchises are one of the only lawn care companies to offer completely pet-safe lawn treatments. And soon, they’ll be the first in the lawn care industry to offer organic, pet-safe weed control, too! We are in the process of rolling out a breakthrough organic weed control product, and franchise owners across the country are excited to add it to their sustainable, organic, and pet-friendly lawn care toolbox.

Many lawn care customers ask how long you need to keep your dog off the grass after fertilizing — with Clean Air Lawn Care, the answer is no time! Dogs and kids can go out to play on their grass immediately because our organic lawn care products are pet-friendly and safe.

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YOU Can Increase Access to Pet-Safe Lawn Care

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We are on a mission to eliminate the need to put pets and children at risk in order to have a beautiful lawn. We want to spread the word about our pet-friendly lawn care services, and increase access to pet-friendly lawn care. When more people have access to safe, healthy, and organic lawn care services, more pets, people, and wildlife are protected from the harm caused by lawn chemicals.

Increasing access to pet-friendly lawn care means opening more franchises across the country. It also means creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to open a green business. Does owning your own green business sound like a dream come true? Let us know!

YOU can increase access to pet-friendly, organic lawn care with your own Clean Air Lawn Care business! Get in touch if you want to learn more about what it’s like to own and operate a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise.

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