Planting Tips For Native and Adaptive Plants In The Fall

Planting Tips For Native and Adaptive Plants In The Fall
Fall Planting Advice
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Fall is the perfect time to plant any of the native and adaptive plants. There are lots of great plants but there are questions you should consider before making any selections:

  1. What type of light does the area get where the plant will be planted – full sun, shade, part sun?
  2. What are the water requirements for the plant?
  3. When does the plant provide seasonal interest in the spring, summer, fall?
  4. What type of maintenance requirements does the plant have?
  5. Will the plant have to be cut back after the first hard freeze?
  6. Is it important that the plant be green throughout the year?

Our local Clean Air Lawn Care owners are more than willing to help provide suggestions that are best suited to your local conditions and requirements.

Contact the Clean Air Lawn Care owner nearest you.

Good luck and happy fall planting!


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