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Clean Air Lawn Care Richardson provides safe, quiet, environmentally friendly lawn care services to Richardson and it’s surrounding communities. We cater to residential and small commercial properties to provide the highest quality full-service organic and electric lawn care.

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Scott Golub, Clean Air Lawn Care Richardson owner, is a steward of sustainability and protecting the environment. Starting out as a Clean Air lawn tech for a different owner, he has true dedication to creating beautiful lawns in a way he feels great about. He even helps to create the custom Clean Air all-natural weed control products specifically for Texas lawns. Additionally, Scott has been the Franchise of The Year and has won other Clean Air Lawn Care awards throughout his time as an owner. When you work with Scott, you know your lawn will be the most beautiful and the healthiest in the neighborhood.

All Electric Richardson Lawn Care Services

Our sustainable practices start with our solar-powered, all-electric lawn care equipment. Small gas-powered engines produce 5-10% of pollution in the US every year. The EPA even discusses adverse health effects of exhaust emissions and other fine particulates. These include cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer and neurological conditions. We want to be part of the solution and allow homeowners to feel great about having a beautifully maintained lawn and to be able to smell fresh cut grass, rather than gas. This is why we mounted solar panels on our vans and trucks. We us all electric equipment powered by the sun! This way, we can recharge our equipment throughout the day. Not only is our way of maintaining lawns good for our air quality, it is also around 75% quieter than other companies. Your neighbors will love that, too!

Our sustainable practices don’t stop there. We mow high, edge vertically, and maintain your lawn so that it naturally keeps weeds at bay and conserves water. Contact us now to get your free estimate for Richardson lawn care by filling out this form or calling (972) 656-9325!

Kid and Pet Safe Fertilization 

Richardson lawn care service

You have an organic option for your Richardson lawn care needs. We use OMRI certified, custom organic fertilizers and soil builders to begin feeding your soil. We understand that each property has different soil and grass types. With our expertise and years of experience we understand that lawns in Texas can vary greatly and need to be treated to conserve water. Your Richardson lawn care program should have drought resistance in mind for those time rain is sparse. The University of Illinois extension explains, “Drought stress will occur faster on turf with poor soil conditions underneath. Soil compaction, clay fill, high pH, and generally poor conditions for root growth become very evident under stress conditions such as drought…work on improving rooting of the lawn grasses.” This is exactly how we approach lawn care.

We use custom organic lawn treatments to to feed the micro-biology of your soil to provide optimal root growth. . Furthermore, we use mycorrhizae to build great root structure. From there, we ensure the proper nutrients for lush, green grass.

Clean Air Lawn Care is a Richardson lawn care company that provides services good for your family and the environment. We are a family run business who cares for your family, too!

We have a 3-tier fertilization program set-up. Each tier includes extra services. Tier 1 is organic fertilization only. Tier 2 adds in our eco-friendly weed control. Tier 3 includes lawn insurance. this means we check in regularly and provide extra Richardson lawn care services that may include mitigation of grubs or other potential lawn issues. Call us at (972) 656-9325 to learn more!

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Other Lawn Care Services

  • Soil testing
  • Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation consultation
  • Compost application
  • Organic weed control
  • Shrub or hedge trimming
  • Seasonal yard clean up
  • Garden bed maintenance