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Organic, Electric Sandy Springs Lawn Care

Sandy Springs lawn care services are safe and quiet when you Clean Air! We offer electric and organic, full-service lawn care and full property services. Residential and small commercial properties in the Sandy Springs, Marietta and surrounding areas are our specialty. As more education is getting out about the harmful effects of chemicals, lawn care pollution (noise and air) and gas spills from this equipment, we have been happy to be the option that cares. We have been the experts in the solar-powered, electric lawn maintenance arena for years. We are happy to educate our customers and provide the highest quality services around. Call us at (678) 827-9886 or fill out the form below to get your free estimate!

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Sandy Springs Lawn CareSolar-Powered Electric Equipment

Our crews use solar-powered, electric lawn mowers, blowers, and trimmers to maintain lawns and keep them beautiful. The solar-powered aspect is because we harness the sun through panels atop our trucks to power our equipment throughout the day. Per the EPA, Electric lawn equipment is around 75% quieter than traditional lawn equipment and doesn’t put out stinky, toxic fumes! While running out quiet equipment, you can say hello and we will hear you. You also may not even know we are there.

In addition, when you use gas-powered lawn mowers and equipment, you are polluting the air with carbon dioxide, and other toxic gases.. The noise pollution is terrible, too… just ask your neighbor! Our electric equipment cuts all of these harmful pollutants to zero, making your air safer and healthier — just like your lawn!


Organic lawn care Sandy SpringsSandy Springs Lawn Care That Is Kid- & Pet-Safe

Our organic fertilization and weed control programs are safe for pets and kids. You can have a green, lush and healthy lawn without the use of harmful chemicals! Clean Air Lawn Care services are pet-friendly and kid- and wildlife-friendly, too. Our OMRI certified organic programs include a customized soil builder and fertilization to give your lawn just what it needs.

In terms of our treatment programs, we have two main options. There is a basic treatment program that is perfect for any lawn. It is a 5-step program. It is great for those lawns that are in pretty good shape, no prior chemicals applies, and need regular nutrients for soils and the lawn to stay healthy. Lawns that have been treated with chemicals in the past, those with thin or bare spots, or big weed issues should opt for our higher program. This is the 7-step program. Also, ask about our all-natural weed control applications and all natural mosquito control!

Excellent Sandy Springs Lawn Care Service

At Clean Air Lawn Care, we care that our customers are happy as much as we care for their lawns. We listen, communicate and provide the services needed. We keep customers in the know by advising we will be there in advance and even letting them know we were there and what services we provided that day. 

We’re confident that you’ll love your lush, healthy lawn and our crews! Take a look at some of our reviews here. 

Full-Service Premium Sandy Springs Lawn Care

Our attention to detail and sustainable methods and services will make your lawn the most healthy lawn in the neighborhood. Combine a healthy lawn with our stellar customer service, knowledgeable owners, and professional crew to get a premium lawn care service that is simply unbeatable. 

See why customers across the country are raving about Clean Air Lawn Care! We know you’ll love the change from your previous lawn care company. Get in touch today to learn more about our organic, solar-powered lawn care services and get your free estimate, today