Solar Powered Lawn Care

Solar Powered Lawn Care

Clean Air Lawn Care Solar PanelSolar Powered Lawn Care is Sustainable Lawn Care

We invented it!

It helps keep neighborhoods clean and gives our owners a competitive advantage in the gas guzzling lawn care industry.

Clean Air Lawn Care Solar Charging Unit

In 2006, Jon Giard (esteemed father of CEO Kelly Giard and retired electrical engineer) collaborated with Sunjuice and our lawn techs to design our first Clean Air Lawn Care Solar Charging Unit – nicknamedBeatrice for her appreciation of all weather and NASA-like design issues.

Clean Air Lawn Care Solar Charging Unit

In layman’s terms, she captures the sun’s energy with a PV panel, stores that energy with batteries, and we plug into her when we need a boost just like plugging into the wall. The cool thing is she rides on top of each of our trucks so that we’re ready for whatever lawn care conditions might come up.

Since 2006, we’ve made numerous modifications and improvements so that now Beatrice powers our fertilizer sprayers, commercial blowers and string trimmers, and of course our mowers. Beatrice is also trained to eat gas cans if for some reason they end up in one of our trucks.

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