Spring Cleanup: An Opportunity to Spring Ahead with Organic Lawn Care

Spring Cleanup: An Opportunity to Spring Ahead with Organic Lawn Care

The more initiative you take in Spring Cleanup, the less challenging yard maintenance will be for the remainder of the lawn service season. That way, instead of stressing about lawn care, you can sit back and enjoy warm weather and green grass.

 Spring Clean

Mother Nature Knows Best When it Comes to Yard Maintenance

Your mother may have taught you that Spring Cleanup takes place inside the home, but Mother Nature is trying to teach you that Spring Cleanup yard maintenance is just as important. Specifically, organic lawn care can ensure that your grass stays greener, and our air stays cleaner.

Seasonal Lawn Care Starts with Spring Cleanup

April showers bring May flowers, and as the snow melts away and the sun starts making its way up to the tropic of cancer, it’s your turn to help Mother Nature out with Spring Cleanup.  Luckily, spring rainfall and snowfall mean that in those areas receiving enough natural moisture, it isn’t yet necessary to start watering as a part of your lawn care routine. Nonetheless, there are several steps you can take towards effective lawn care.

Organic Lawn Care: Safe and Effective

Raking and mowing in the fall are instrumental practices in the maintenance of your lawn; however, snow mold still rears its fungi-coated head each spring. In order to address this problem when approaching Spring Cleanup, you should rely on organic practices, while steering clear of chemical management. Organic choices are both sustainable and practical; fungicides applied during Spring Cleanup aren’t even effective, as the snow mold damage has already occurred.

Spring Cleanup Tips:

  • The first step in Spring Cleanup may sound redundant, but it is nonetheless instrumental – cleanup all leaves, rocks, branches, and other debris from your yard to make space for a healthy lawn.
  • Because uneven ground causes poor drainage, level out your lawn as best as possible.
  • In areas with densely packed soil, it’s a good idea to loosen the compaction with an aerator. Following Spring Cleanup, worms will thank you for your organic lawn care practices by naturally aerating your soil for you.
  • Wake up your hibernating yard with natural fertilizer, either by using the kitchen waste that you’ve been composting or an organic fertilizer from the store.
  • Reseed those parts of your lawn that need TLC with a grass variety that will thrive in your area; remember, organic lawn care is most successful when you work with, rather than against, Mother Nature.
  • As an alternative to relying on chemical weed killers this Spring Cleanup, use natural herbicides available in stores, or apply the vinegar sitting in your pantry directly to unwanted weeds.
  • Maintain a grass height between 2.5 and 3.5 inches in order to prevent weeds and conserve your soil’s nutrients and moisture.
  • Your lawn will thank you for equipment maintenance, as grass damaged from dull mowers is more susceptible to diseases, insects, and weeds. Use sharp blades and frequent mowing to keep your grass plants healthy and disease free.
  • In order to circumvent the air pollution that results from gas-powered lawn equipment, choose from the electric lawn care equipment available from Black & Decker. For more information on this, and the significant impact organic lawn care has on reducing emissions, check out our Lawn Care Emissions Calculator.

Jump Start Spring Cleanup with Our Best Friend, the Sun

In addition to fostering the photosynthesis necessary for lawn care by supplying sunlight and rainfall, Mother Nature provides additional opportunities to get the most out of organic lawn care. The best attitude to have when facing Spring Cleanup is one that appreciates nature’s provisions and aims to supplement and manage the environment’s natural course. Here at Clean Air Lawn Care, we invented one such way to provide organic lawn care while keeping our air clean: Beatrice, our solar charging unit, basks in the sun from atop each of our trucks while simultaneously powering our mowers, organic fertilization sprayers, commercial blowers, and string trimmers.

Additional Ways You Can Make Your Air Cleaner

If you choose to call up a Clean Air Lawn Care GrassMaster in your region to ensure organic lawn care and an effective Spring Cleanup, you’ll not only enjoy healthy grass throughout spring, summer, and early fall, you’ll also enjoy clean air and sustainable lawn service.

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