Sustainable Lawn Care

Sustainable Lawn Care: Better for owners and the environment

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Americans have grown accustomed to lawn care services that are dirty, loud and use harmful chemicals. At Clean Air Lawn Care, we know there’s a better way of taking care of a lawn. We don’t want franchise owners or homeowners to settle for something that harms them and their community. Conventional lawn care businesses hurt owners and harm the environment. That’s why we offer a green franchise opportunity that allows owners to treat and care for lawns using quiet, zero-emission equipment and organic lawn care products.

Traditional lawn care franchises and businesses use gas-powered lawn equipment that produces mass amounts of air pollution and noise pollution. And the synthetic chemicals they use on lawns only exacerbate the harm by breaking down soil health and polluting waterways. Clean Air Lawn Care owners, on the other hand, use organic and sustainable lawn care practices that keep themselves and their community healthy. From zero-emission lawn care to quiet lawn mowers and a balanced business approach, Clean Air Lawn Care has all the bases covered when it comes to running a sustainable lawn care business.

Clean Air Lawn Care offers organic, sustainable lawn care that is better for lawns, people, pets, and wildlife.


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All-Electric Lawn Care

Once you start to understand just how awful conventional lawn care is for people and the planet, you’ll understand why Clean Air Lawn Care is committed to zero-emission lawn care. Gas-powered lawn mowers and equipment are especially harmful to the workers and lawn care business owners who use them all day long. They put workers in close contact with toxic, carcinogenic pollutants that include:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) benzene, 1,3 butadiene, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, toluene, and more
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Particulate matter PM10, PM2.5, UFP
  • Carbon dioxide

The EPA reports that gasoline-powered lawn equipment accounts for a major portion of US non-road gasoline emissions. Two-stroke engines, common in lawn mowers, emit VOCs and toxic pollutants at rates much higher than 4-stroke engines and larger engines. Small engines like those found in lawn equipment contribute 5-10% of the nation’s air pollution.

On top of being major culprits when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, gas lawn mowers are a well-known source of air pollution that aggravates respiratory conditions and causes life-threatening problems for asthmatics. Lawn mowers are such a huge contributor to ground-level ozone (a large component of smog), that their use is strongly discouraged in cities on Ozone Alert Days. Add to that the disastrous effects of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions and you can see why we are so devoted to zero-emission and sustainable lawn care.

Plus, gas lawn mowers consume up to 800 million gallons of gasoline annually! Yikes, that’s a lot of time and money spent at the gas station. Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners get to skip the gas bill and enjoy all of the clean, green benefits of running a sustainable business on renewable energy.

Solar-powered lawn mowers and equipmentsolar powered lawn mower

Clean Air Lawn Care franchises use high-quality electric lawn equipment powered by renewable energy instead of using gas-powered lawn equipment that is known to contribute to poor air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. We use solar-powered lawn mowers that are clean, quiet and effective. Our electric lawn equipment is charged using solar panels mounted on the owners’ trucks.

All franchise owners are equipped with a mobile charging system that harnesses the energy of the sun to run a 100% electric lawn care operation. The solar panel system is set up in their work truck and includes a large solar panel, charge controller, battery system, 110V inverter and electric equipment with lithium batteries. The solar panel is connected to a charge controller that feeds into a battery system that gets charged from the solar panel when it’s not being used. The lithium batteries of the electric lawn mowers and equipment are hooked into the 110V inverter to charge when other equipment is being used.

Get a lot of cloudy weather in your area? Don’t worry, your batteries can still charge with even a little bit of sunlight; and if necessary, you can always re-charge your large batteries at a wall at the end of the day.

Solar-powered lawn mowers and equipment bring the sky-high number of lawn care air pollutants and emissions down to zero.


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Clean, quiet lawn mowers

electric lawn mower

Another reason why Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owners use solar-powered lawn mowers, trimmers and blowers is that electric lawn equipment is much quieter than gas-powered lawn equipment. The average gas lawn mower runs at a whopping 100 decibels. Did you know that repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels could cause hearing loss? Clean Air Lawn Care owners use equipment that runs at 70 decibels or lower, protecting their ears and making neighbors across the country happy. Once again, we put the health of franchise owners and their communities first by making sure that our equipment is quiet and safe.

Like the smell of fresh-cut grass? Us, too. That’s why we don’t mask it with gas fumes.

Most people will tell you that they love the smell of freshly cut grass. But have you ever noticed that the gasoline fumes from the lawn mower often overpower the fresh, clean smell of cut grass? Our solar-powered lawn mowers allow homeowners, neighbors and the franchise owner himself to breath easy and enjoy that fresh-cut grass smell immediately. Our customers love that they don’t have to wait for the gas fumes to dissipate (or synthetic chemicals to absorb) before going out to enjoy that clean, fresh air and lush, organic lawn.

Because Clean Air Lawn Care lawn equipment is run by solar-powered electric motors instead of gas-powered, they run much quieter, smell better and ­– let’s face it – they look cooler, too.

A sustainable business opportunity

We take sustainable lawn care seriously but creating a sustainable business opportunity for green entrepreneurs looking to be their own boss, work outside and make the world a better place is just as important. A Clean Air Lawn Care franchise is a turnkey business that sets owners up to succeed right from the start. Franchise owners enjoy very high customer renewal rates, consistent business, steady cash flow, and the knowledge that they are providing a cutting-edge service that’s making the world a better place.


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