Sustainable Lawn Mowing Tips

Sustainable Lawn Mowing Tips

Electric Sustainable Lawn MowingMowing the lawn is like a fairly straight-forward task, but there are definitely some correct ways to cut grass to help it stay healthy and green throughout the year, and to help keep the environment clean.

Cut Grass Tall

The correct grass height for you lawn can reduce weeds and disease by 50‐80%! The correct mowing height is one of the most critical issues in keeping your lawn healthy. While each type of turfgrass has a recommended clipping height, you cannot go wrong mowing any turfgrass at a minimum of 2½” ‐3½” tall.

Why Tall Grass is Healthier

  1. Tall grass grows more slowly and therefore needs less frequent cutting.
  2. Tall grass reduces water needs.
  3. Tall grass reduces fertilizer needs. Increasing grass height only 1/8 inch adds about 300 square feet more energy‐collecting leaf surface for each 1,000 square feet of lawn. So, it has a greater ability to produce its own food and less need for supplementary nutrients.
  4. Tall grass reduces weeds. The longer blades shade the soil, blocking the ever‐present weed seeds from the sunlight they need to germinate.
  5. Tall grass reduces disease and insect problems‐‐Tall grass is healthy grass and healthy grass resists disease and insect problems. In addition, it harbors populations of beneficial insects that control pest insects for you.

Mow Grass Frequently with Sharp Blades

Take no more than 1/3 the length of the grass blade each time. Taking more than 1/3 of the blade at one cutting stresses grass plants. Cumulative stress leads to problems with insects, disease, and weeds. Dull mower blades bludgeon the leaf tips, causing them to become frayed and turn gray, then brown and provide a way for disease to infect grass plants.

Mow with an Electric Lawn Mower

The EPA estimates that 5‐10% of all air pollution comes from lawn equipment. To see how much pollution you could divert from our atmosphere use the Clean Air Lawn Care Carbon Emissions Reduction Calculator at https://cleanairlawncare.com/sustainable-lawncare/calculator/. Electric equipment has come a long way, there are several manufacturers who offer cordless battery powered mowers, some of which are strong enough to be used by commercial service providers.

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