Greg Owsley - Clean Air Lawn Care
Greg Owsley

Greg Owsley

Tablet, The Storied Brand, Board of Directors, Clean Air Lawn Care

Formerly the Chief Branding Officer of New Belgium Brewing:
After 15 years at the Brand and Marketing hub for New Belgium Brewing, in July 2011, Greg Owsley opened his own enterprise, The Storied Brand. Based on the brand strategy he developed and proofed during his tenure at the fast-growing craft brewery, The Storied Brand invokes storytelling to build brands that have gripping relevancy for their customers. Owsley’s clients, which of course includes Clean Air Lawn Care, are a short list of brands truly willing create cultural reverb.

With his decade and a half at New Belgium, Owsley was principally the steward of the branding, marketing, portfolio, and new product initiatives that propelled double digit growth year after year. He was hired as the first Marketing Director for the brewery in 1996 when it was producing just 30,000 annual barrels of microbrew and distributed in two states. In 2011, New Belgium is on pace for $140M in annual revenue and 705,000 beer barrels for coast to coast distribution in 29 states. Owsley also played an instrumental role in the formation of New Belgium’s nationally recognized company culture and sustainable business role model. From staging highly successful events like the traveling bicycle carnival, Tour de Fat, to the Redefining Folly advertising/advocacy campaign, Owsley and the New Belgium team created a storied style of branding that is nationally recognized for its intriguing blend of sincerity and whimsy. The unique culture of the New Belgium brand has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Brand Week, Advertising Age, Deliver, Beverage Industry, Communication Arts, Kellogg School of Management, and is a case study in numerous academic publications. Owsley has been a conference keynote speaker at Sustainable Brands and Opportunity Green.

Greg’s best friend/wife, Bink Owsley, is an architectural designer focusing on sustainable solutions and whose client list includes New Belgium. They live with their two teenage daughters in Fort Collins, Colorado.